Erger Jij Je Ook Dood? #262 #vergadering #verkeer #oplossing #mentor

Okay, so you’re in a meeting… and you are annoyed. The annoyance creeps through your backbone… straight to your brain. And that causes a… a brain freeze… which turns your mouth into one
evil line… and your toes got bent in your shoes. Not good for you. But what are you doing about it? What do you do about that self-harassment? Not only during meetings… but also for example in traffic … or at home in the family. You may not expect it… but you can grow over it. Because that is indeed it. A matter of growth. From further mental maturity. Maybe even: from wisdom, so wisdom. The annoyance itself is worse for you… then the facts that cause the annoyance. If you know what I mean. So you have to get rid of it. And that is possible. There are a number of techniques. This is a short story, so I’ll give you one. And that is immediately the most effective. Namely: a mantra. A mantra takes place in your head… but has a constant effect on your body. And such a mantra can be anything. One of my mentees uses the word Rabbit. Rabbit. Because of the story The Rabbit Listened. And I can do that children’s book by the way
heartily recommend. Talk about wisdom. Annoyance? Find your mantra. No bullshit. I’m Hans Ruinemans, boardroom monk. May you be truly happy.

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