100 thoughts on “ER Doctor Evaluates Injuries In Red Dead Redemption 2 • Professionals Play

  1. I’m not going to contradict him but amputations were sometimes successful. Look at the civil war, poor bastards got legs and arms ripped off from cannon and were able to survive the amputation. It’s what came after that was the problem. Infection caused the most deaths from survivable wounds in the civil war

  2. I bet most (if not all) of the female Youtubers watching this video would probably love to have Dr. Armand Dorian as their doctor, lol. No homo, but he IS handsome. Just saying.

  3. Yall in the comments saying how the game is supid because Aurther eats bread for health well if rock star wants to realisic if you fell off your horse you would be severly wounded and the game would end when he gets gangreen and dutch abandoneds him

  4. The amputation thing depends. 19th century surgeons were well aware of how to perform an amputation. Remember the American Civil War, famous for amputations, was in the 1860’s. But nah, if all you got is a country doctor, you’re gonna die 😂

  5. I certainly would not say getting shot in the leg isn't life threatening if you look at the arterial and venous system you will see that their are major arteries that run down your entire leg, if an arterie is severed by the bullet you are going to be losing alot of blood especially if the part that has been severed is closer to your torso. Their is also a chance of the bullet hitting bone and if that happens let's just say it's not gonna be fun, once that bullet hits your bone it's going to send alot of shrapnel through out your leg ripping up veins, arteries, and muscle. Without medical attention it could be just as deadly as getting shot in the torso.

  6. The most dope kills in rdr2 was when with a shotgun when you’re right in front of the enemy and you do a badass shot😂😂

  7. 3:16 He didn’t talk about how he was unconscious when suffering the trauma, meaning his muscles wouldn’t tense up, giving a rag doll affect instead of him taking the full force when tensed up.

  8. I drowned once, water was all insode me till my throat and it burned ur lung it literally burns. The vision fades, disturbing sounds that hurts in both ur head and ur ears, kind of illusions like u try to move ur leg but u just move something else ur not fully in control if ur body. They pulled me out. I dont remember after they put me on the ground they lay u on ur right side of ur body. U start throwing up. Ppl told me later that white liquid started coming out of my eyes and my nose. And after u throw up it always comes with a very painful feeling then u trow up again and again u literally feel like ur dying. Only it gets better when u make it to the emergency and they give u the oxygen. That's when u kinda feel better but it doesn't stop here. At night ur stomach feels like it's burning too. And it hurts when u use the toilet. Both lasts for couple days. I was lucky.

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