Equine Medical Center adds high-definition CT

I’m Dr. Mike Erskine. I’m the Director of Virginia
Tech’s Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Center. We’re located in
Leesburg, Virginia. And we are part of
the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. We’re a full-service,
comprehensive hospital. I’d like to welcome you here. And I’d like to
introduce you to Pegaso, it’s a high-definition,
high-resolution CT imagery for horses. The Pegaso unit is a perfect
addition to the imaging that we already provide here,
gives us a full complement of all imaging modalities
that are currently available to the horse. We use this scanner in
the standing sedated horse to obtain CT images
of the head and neck. We can also use it in
the recumbent horse to get images of the limbs. It’s one of five units currently
in service in the world. We’re very excited to have it as
part of our imaging modalities. With CT imaging,
they’re very quick. We get very high detail,
high-resolution images, where we can evaluate bone and
soft tissue structures in a way that we were not able
to do in any other way. We’re able to evaluate for
infection or fractures, any sort of disease, soft
tissue masses, tumors, and that sort of thing. We have an observation window,
where the client can actually observe their horse
during the procedure. Immediately after
image acquisition, the veterinarian can
evaluate the images slice by slice or in a
three-dimensional reconstruction. The client and the veterinarian
can review the images together. We here at the Equine
Medical Center really look forward to working
with our clients and our referring veterinarians. It includes CT imagery
as part of what we offer. We have a great
opportunity to serve the clients and the
horses in the area with efficient imaging, high
detail, high-resolution images that gives us an
ability now to assess diseased and injure
tissues in a way that we could not do before.

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