Equine-Assisted Occupational Therapy at the Temple Grandin Equine Center

– Very good. Ready to go again? Ready to go again? – Oh my gosh, he just loves it! – [Amber] My son, Maxwell, was diagnosed with a rare neurological
disease called SLC6A1. – [Woman] Oh, do I go in over here? – Yup, yup, in the other side. Okay, Mom, come on down. – Equine-assisted occupational therapy has been the biggest
improvement for Maxwell. – Okay, you ready to go? – Good job.
– Let’s go. – [Amber] He’s just been so much happier and we noticed soon after he started that the equine therapy was really helping him build core strength that we otherwise couldn’t do for him, but also, really improving his behavioral outlook in the day to day. – Give me five. (laughs) Yay, we got a five, yay.
– Yay. – Maxwell, today, we were doing so much touching, seeking, tactile input. What does this feel like? And he would touch the horse’s coat and just brighten up, so
that’s a big part of it. – As a parent, it has been so much fun to watch
Maxwell bond with the horse and be able to pet the
horse and love on the horse. – So the movement of the
horse is really the key, one of the biggest keys
to this kind of therapy and just staying moving
basically challenges our dynamic sitting balance, our vestibular system,
moving through space, our proprioceptive system of telling where our body is in space. A lot of times, it’s the
movement that is the magic. – We would just notice
he was so much happier and eating was easier and his natural walking gait had a more rhythmic movement to it that actually mimicked the horse, and that’s how he was learning to walk. – To me, it seems like
he’s really enjoying that tactile sense, that
touching of the coat. He’s really loving that, engaged. – They’ve made such a difference
in my little boy’s life and I’m just so thankful and grateful for everything this therapy is doing to help kids like Maxwell. – Okay, let’s walk on, Miss Stacy. Yay! He’s holding on with both hands now. Hi, you’re doing good. Here, hold on.

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