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Epilepsy is a very interesting and challenging condition. You never know when a seizure is going to happen It is socially awkward, its difficult to be in school In general when patients have seizures they’ll see their primary care physician maybe an emergency department physician and then they will see a neurologist. The patients who ultimately get referred to the epilepsy center have co-morbidities affecting their intellectual development or academic progress and despite medication the seizures are continuing and they are being referred to an epilepsy specialist. What patients get when they come to the Epilepsy Center at Boston Children’s Hospital is a very compassionate advanced, coordinated approach to try and figure out what is the best thing to do to take care of your or your child’s epilepsy. He started having seizures at six months of age, and really has been fairly refractory through medications which include vigabatrin… The team of epilepsy specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital have devoted their entire careers to helping children with epilepsy and to try and make them seizure free. Whether its use of a special diet advanced diagnostics new medications or with surgery we are really trying to solve the equation of what is the best thing to do for this particular patient’s epilepsy. By having the breadth and the depth of pediatric epilepsy here we are able to establish leading clinical and research programs in all of these areas. We run a massive EEG program both outpatient and inpatient which gives us even more accuracy to help pinpoint the seizure focus. There is a tremendous radiology department running diagnostic studies incredibly effective at finding causes of seizures that we could never find before. And we have worked very hard with an incredibly committed group of nurses social workers, nurse psychologists to really help them in a multifaceted approach to learn even more, and break more barriers when it comes to diagnosing and treating epilepsy. Her seizures are controlled and if it gets to a point where we’re not seeing definite epileptic seizures should we take her off the medicine. Patient: I like that idea! We have worked very hard to give people not just the information but the confidence that they can get through this they can deal with this there are things you can do and our team is working on behalf of the patient and that patient is getting the best care possible.

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  1. I want to thank y'all for saving my life when I was a baby. P.S. I am from NC, and name is Jessica. My dad thanks everyone too. Keep it up, stay strong and safe 😎😎 I was in the cardiac section.😀

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