So, how can I help? Just been having uhm worse issues with my back pain I have chronic back pain. Lower back right here. Okay. And it’ll get worse that it goes up onto my shoulder and then comes neck pain. Yeah, so I don’t know what else… if there’s something else happening. Okay, so nakakaranas ka ng sakit sa likod mo. Tapos bigla siyang Uhm… Recently, I guess? Uhm… ah… Paki-ulit. *laughs* ‘Di ko alam nagta-Tagalog ka pala. *laughs* Okay. I’ll switch to Tagalog now. *laughs* *laughs* So, how can I help? I gotta ah… pain in my head right now. Ah… I… I can’t relax at the moment. Okay? Okay. When did it start? It started last week. Ah… I don’t know if it’s a migraine or what do you call that? It’s a headache? What about in your head? Are you experiencing this? Ah… Ah… In my top portion of my head and radiating in my back part. Okay. Have you been sick? Have you vomitted? Okay. Uhm, had you any previous medical problems? Hmm. As far as I know, I don’t have. *nods* Okay. Have you taken any medication? None. No. Uh. I don’t. I… I’m not used to drink… medi- Uh…take medicine. Okay, okay. Have you tried simple pain killers? Like paracetamol? *deep breaths* NOT YET at the moment, doc. Give me a minute. Hello? Marunong ka palang mag…mag-Tagalog, doc?! Naubos yung baon kong English! *laughs* Ah… taga Pilipinas ka? So bale… yun lang. Medyo.. Bago ako pumunta dito nag-prepare lang ako ng konting English. Pero, nahirapan po ako dun. Hindi ka mahihirapan. Pero at least ma-explain ko na yung sarili ko nang maayos. So… magsimula ka. Ano po?! Magsimula ka. Sabihin mo sa akin kung ano ang nararamdaman mo. How can I help you? Uhm… I just wanna inquire about my medical condition. I learned that I have this medical history. My Dud. Dad. Died of heart attack. Okay. And my mom also died of hypertension. Uh. I’ve read… I’ve seen on ah… I’ve read… on a book that uh… it’s also in my genes. That eventually uhm… I have this hypertension so… Now, while I’m still young I want to avoid. You want to know how to avoid having a heart attack? Or stroke? Of course, everybody. Who doesn’t? *laughs* How old were your mom and dad when they died? Uh. My dad died at around 40 plus I think. And my mom at 75. I see. That was really young. I was still young then. Any of the family members have heart problems? Uhm. My second brother. And my… Some of my sisters they’re already hypertensive. Okay. I know eventually that I’ll get the same condition so… as early as now I want to know how to at least… somehow delay the effect. Okay. Cool. I’ll just stop you for a second. Where are you from, sir? I’m from Manila. Filipino, sir. Pinahirapan mo pa ‘ko! *laughs* Marunong ka palang mag-Tagalog! ‘di mo sinabi. Na nosebleed tuloy ako sa’yo. *laughs* You can speak in Tagalog. Tuloy-tuloy ang English mo. I was like ah… Taga-saan ka? Maybe taga probinsya? You can tell with my accent. Kung nakakatulong ang video na ito sa’yo Then don’t forget to share! You

100 thoughts on “ENGLISH ONLY PRANK in DOCTOR’S CLINIC (Laptrip To!)

  1. Arent you aware of ur caption Doc? Like it says "Hindi nila alam na MAYROONG akong mag Tagalog…" Check it out again .. anyways, laptrip! πŸ˜‚

  2. Hala nakakaaliw haha btw I subbed po and also looking forward to binge watching your videos po hehe

  3. you just got a new subscriber.. that was so funny… and that w w waas naubusan na ko ng english. basta nakakatuwa at tuong di halata na nagtatagalog ka.

  4. ..pag ako siguro mg pa check up dito…di ko na iindahin sakit ko..dahil ubos dugo ko d pa tapos ang pag uusap nasa ICU na ako…hahaha..joke✌✌✌

  5. im a filipino born in the philippines and i grew up in texas. i can understand tagalog clearly and i can speak limited tagalog. is there a way to learn tagalog so i can speak tagalog fluent? salamat!

  6. As Far as I know , I don't know
    I tried this To mAh Teacher
    She said
    As Far As You Know And That I know , I don't know
    I didn't expect my teacher is that Philosopher

  7. I can speak english fluently because of discord influence… I mean the voice chat thing so like i always talk to dem bois for gamin' and stuff y'know.

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