[ENG SUB] 바늘을 무서워하지만 여친이 가자고 해서 한의원에 간 남친 Voice Drama, Role play ASMR

Honey! Oriental medicine clinic is really not my thing. I’ve never been there, and Western medicine is my preference. Oriental medicine clinic… smells…I think I’m going to have allergies. Yes, it’s my first time. Here is it. Yes! Honey! I didn’t mean it because I was scared. I heard it from a friend. Originally, Most people… Come to oriental medicine clinics… If they do not recover from the illness even after being treated at hospitals. We’re in the wrong place. Let’s go back now. Yeah? Come on, let’s go. It’s a waste of money. If the doctor can’t heal me…That’s not good. Huh? What are you talking about? Why am I afraid of acupuncture? No, I’m not afraid. I don’t care. Everyone else does it. Of course! Ah! Yes! Hello! I haven’t had proper digestion for a few weeks ago. And… I often have headaches… stiff neck, and a shoulder. No, there were no symptoms like that. Yes. When I had a headache, I took a headache pill. No, I didn’t go to the hospital. Yes! Aha~ There was no such thing. Yes! Um… I’m feeling a little stressed these days. Yes! Aha! Is that relevant? Yes! No, it’s not. I don’t know about that. I’ve never tried it. Actually, I’m new to oriental medicine. Yes! All right, sir. Yes? Do I have to get acupuncture? I don’t need to get acupuncture, do I? Umm… Aha… Then there’s more charge, right? No? Of course, I’ll get acupuncture. Honey~ I thought there was an extra charge. Yes, I see. Thank you. Yes. Is it right to go this way? Yes, I understand. What? Don’t talk to me. We must not talk here. Hey! Don’t. It’s not like that. Can I go to the bathroom? Hello. Excuse me. I have an allergy to iron. Did you sterilize this thoroughly? Oh, it is? But even disposable are not safe these days. Did you sterilize it thoroughly? And I have had a chronic disease since I was young…So you shouldn’t sting sensitive areas… Please be careful, my skin is sensitive, so if you just sting it, it will leave a scar. Please be careful. What? Don’t talk to me… I’m getting acupuncture. Don’t talk to me. How long will it take? Okay. Honey! Give me some tissue. I’m so hot. Give me some tissue. It’s because it’s hot. Don’t take pictures! Sir? Sir? Sir, it’s almost time. Pull it out slowly, please. Slowly.

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