[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP01 (Full)

Stop the car! Stop the car!
Hey, it’s dangerous. Stop the car! Stop!
I said, stop the car! Stop! Stop the car! The only way to get out of
a nightmare is… to wake up. But if I can’t wake up,
the nightmare will continue. Beloved friends and family, we are sad by Andrea, our
brother’s death. But death is not the end but the beginning of immortal life
in Christianity. So we hope to meet again in God’s love. Let’s pray for Andrea, who left us
with one heart. In the name of the father, the son,
and the Holy Spirit, amen. Yeo-jin!
No! Yeo-jin! Yeo-jin! And that nightmare has become
another reality. And that reality won’t end ever until
he calls my name. Where? It’s new shoes…
Darn it… This is so disgusting. You got the negotiation done, right? Of course, I’m Man-sik. On top of the base price of
$1,000, plus per stitch. Prescription is not even included.
I did well, didn’t I? If you knew it would be this bad,
you should’ve asked for more! How would I know it would
be this bad? Don’t worry.
It should be pretty good today. From what I heard, it was a big battle. And the number of guys who got hurt
pretty badly is high. We’re here. Let’s go. By the way, everyone we got is from
the attacking side. All of them? Yes. What’s the point of catching useless
ones like them? We need to catch the ones who set
up and ran the business. I have a good feeling!
Nice mood! A chance to flip your life!
Start betting! Now! Madame, bet the money on the side! Catch him! Hurry up!
Get in! Get in! They couldn’t have escaped safely
from this mess. Did you check all the ERs in
the area? Yes. There haven’t been any reports of
patients with tattoos stab wounds from a sashimi knife pipe contusion,
or any other suspicious patients. They should be crawling to a hospital
if they don’t have any special skills. By any chance… By any chance? Yong-pal?
Yong-pal? Yong-pal, how much is this worth? You’ll have a tough time today! My leg! Nicely… Here is saline. I’m fine, I’m doing fine. This is a serious wound. He says you’re serious.
You made it out alive. Saline. Take it easy! Saline. Gauze. Normal. Anyone would say you’re okay. Hey… Are you okay? Me? I’m fine.
It’s not my first war. What are you doing?
What’s wrong with me? I’m healthy! I’m strong! Spleen rupture… What did you just say? His spleen burst during the fight. He could die from a massive
hemorrhage. Move him now,
he’s an emergency case! He looks fine, though! He’s going to pass out soon!
Move him now! What? Me? Hey! You may be quacks, but you’re
doing too much business with people. Anesthesia? Done. Still no suspicious patients? They said no. This is definitely Yong-pal. Otherwise, six hours after the incident how could we not have any reports
from the hospitals? By the way, who is Yong-pal? Yong-pal?
A skilled quack. A quack is a quack. What do you
mean by a skilled quack? That’s what I am saying. He’s a quack who treats gangsters
in secret for cash. According to them, they could die in the hospital but at least they won’t die if
they get treated by Yong-pal. You must be tired. Here. I’m dying, too. How many do we have left now? About three that you need
to stitch up. Then let’s get it done quickly
and get out. Hey, I also have things to do! Are you the only one who gets
to take a break? You know what happens if you lie to me. I already counted the number of patients. I only made a mistake in
calculation once… Mistake? Say something that makes sense. It really was a mistake! I do have a vocational ethics, man. A loan shark speaking of ethics? By the way…
how much did I pay back? You must be really tired already.
Worry about that later. I’ll give you a balance after
I’m done calculating. Did I pay back about half? Yong-pal, you know what the
scariest thing in the world is, right? It’s the interest on private loan.
Just know that it’s gone down a lot. I forgot it all because of you! You know I’ve seen different types
of people in this field. To be honest, you’re the first one who
actually works to pay off the loan. You’re amazing. Stop saying nonsense! Let’s get it done quickly.
The sun will rise soon. Lie down. Sure. Lidocaine. Yong-pal, what do we do?
I think we’re out. What? What are you out of? I should just do it without… What? What is it?
What are you doing? We’re out of anesthetics.
Sorry. What? Anesthetics? What do you want to do? Do you want us to just stitch
you up or… Or will you sleep for 30 minutes? Why are you guys doing this
to me today? Lie down.
Sorry about that. We had a lot of patients today. That’s why I asked you to move
up my surgery earlier… Why is a brave gangster crying
over something like this? Darn it, who’s crying? Hey, you won’t die.
Bite down, okay? Wait. I’m not ready yet… One! Serve! Two! The patients! One! Serve! Two! The patients! Louder!
One! Serve! Two! The patients! One! Now, now, that’s enough.
Let’s start. Is everyone here? The third year, Dr. Kim is not yet… What? Tae-hyun? Hurry up and get him. Someone has gone to get
him just now. He’s coming over there! How can you be so late? I got here before it started.
It’s fine. You came in at dawn, right? What? I slept in the hospital. I saw your empty bed,
so who do you think I am… I must’ve gone to the bathroom. I slept in the hospital! You may be a third year resident but having an extra job out of the
hospital is subject to disciplinary action. You know that, right? I do.
I know it very well. That’s why I haven’t been sacked,
right? Hey, hey, stand up straight!
What are you looking at? You little chicks! Should I brush you with oil
and fry you up? Or should I stir you in red pepper sauce and make spicy chicken
stew out of you? Hey! Stop it already! Why is this childish repertoire still
the same year after year? Hey, let’s stop the nonsense.
I’m going to conduct a simple survey. Listen carefully and put your hand
up if you qualify. Understood? Yes. Listen carefully. Does anyone in your family, father,
mother, aunt, uncle, etc. work in our hospital?
Put your hand up. I know you do! You’ll really regret it
if you are found later. Me… Good.
Relationship? What do they do? My uncle is the Chief of the
Plastic Surgery Department. What? Dr. Lee Shin-woo? Yes. Wow, you’re Dr. Lee Shin-woo’s niece? With a such great uncle, why do
you stand with no confidence? Of course… Something is different
about a daughter from a great family. What’s wrong?
Do your legs hurt? Not at all. Why did you have to train
them so hard? This shouldn’t happen.
Sit down and rest. I’m okay. How can you be okay?
Sit down and rest! Why? Are you worried
because of them? It’s fine, don’t worry.
That’s how the world is. Did anyone tell them not to have
an uncle like Dr. Lee? Go sit down and rest.
This is the doctor’s prescription. Go and sit. Be careful with your legs.
Help her out! Next! I’m sure you know that this hospital
is a part of Hanshin Group. Number two, “My family is the
royal family of Hanshin Group.” Hands up. Dr. Kim Tae-hyun. The words you’re using are a bit… Now, now, don’t be shy. Having a good connection is nothing
to be embarrassed about! Aren’t you going too far? I mean, not in that way… You discriminate based on
power and background… What did you say?
I can’t hear very well. Speak clearly! So, what does your father do? He works for the government. Government? Where? What rank? He’s the Vice Minister of Finance. Vice Minister? You mean, Vice Minister under
the Minister? You must’ve felt really upset. My third question was going to be about
high ranking government officials. You should’ve waited a little.
I’m sorry. You should go sit down. I’m fine. How can you be fine? How can a man be upset over
something like this? Sit down and rest… Tell your parents to come for
a checkup later, okay? Anyone else? Any other child of high ranking
officials? That’s enough. Have them sit down. Attention. The reason Dr. Kim
conducted a survey on sensitive question is to prevent any corruption in the future. For your grade during the residency
and during the selection of your specialty, we check for any external
pressure and give a public warning. But don’t worry, guys. In the end, the ones with a good connection get good grades and
get the specialty they want. We’ve done this every year,
but it’s useless. The ones with a good connection
win after all. Connection! Kim Tae-hyun,
what are you talking about? Why? It’s true!
Has the result ever come out differently? This little brat… Who’s ringing? This is an emergency hot line.
Hello? Yes. Dr. Kim Tae-hyun?
It’s the OR. Yes. Yes, I got it.
It’s urgent. Who’s in the OR? Irrigation! Suction. Hold tight! Take it away! Hello, sir. So, you are Kim Tae-hyun. I’m sorry, I should’ve introduced
myself sooner. There are multiple bleeds but I have
most of them under control… Irrigation!
Suction! Irrigation!
Suction! Blood pressure is 60. I’d finish the operation if I had time. But I happen to have an important
lunch appointment. Yes, since you did most of it,
I’ll just finish it up. Please take care of it. Yes. Are you kidding? His blood pressure
is down to 50 now. We’re losing him.
Get the bleeding under control. We’re in big trouble. We can’t get blood pressure
under control. What about coda balloon catheter? We did.
But it took so long, so we released it. There’ll be a big ruckus if something
goes wrong with this patient. This patient is a VIP. What’s the use of being a VIP when
it comes to life and death? He is? Then he shouldn’t die.
I really love VIPs. Should we order more blood? We won’t need it.
Dr. Lee cut the vessel too short. You’ll never find it. I was hoping, since Tae-hyun came in. This is odd…
Dr. Lee was definitely right-handed… Hey, did Dr. Lee operate from this side? Excuse me? Pull yourself together! Did Dr. Lee operate from this side
from the beginning? No! He started on this side, but
moved there to find a bleeding point. Switch. Forceps. Suction! Clamp. Order more blood. We got the bleeding under control. Suction. This kid, really… Dr. Lee, what’s wrong with your face?
Are you not feeling well? I’m just a little tired. You don’t look just tired. Right, Tae-hyun is the relief pitcher. Did the patient make it? Yes. That’s good then.
Why do you have that face then? What do you mean?
I’m just a little tired. Tired, whatever…
It’s fine, my friend. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’ve been on the 12th floor and
haven’t done much surgery. To be honest, who among us doesn’t
get help from Tae-hyun for surgery? What? Why is it nothing to be
embarrassed about…? Don’t you have any pride? A professor getting help from
a resident? What are you talking about? How is a starting pitcher
the same as a relief pitcher? He’s just a relief pitcher. The closer that we use
when we get tired. Who cares as long as we get a win? I don’t know how easily he finds bleeding points and get them under
control like that. Isn’t it something? Cut. We’re done, right?
You can close, right? Yes. Thank you, Tae-hyun. What’s the room number
for this patient? He’s in No.1213. No. 13 on the twelfth floor? Yes. Why? No, it’s nothing. Good job, Dr. Kim Tae-hyun. No, it’s no big deal.
Good job. Come see me later. Is there any problem? The surgery went well, right? Yes, we’ll have to see the progress
but he got through the critical phase. He was lucky.
Thank god, I was in the hospital. Otherwise… My goodness, what do we do? Luckily, I didn’t have another surgery scheduled so I was able to partner
with Dr. Lee. It was very fortunate. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful. God helped us! You’re right. Without God’s will,
the patient wouldn’t be with his family. When you go to church this Sunday, make sure to give a donation
for God’s grace. I knew it.
You looked like you a Christian. How should I show my gratitude… When you go to church and pray… don’t forget about the surgeons
who work hard behind the scenes. Pray for us. Yes, of course. I will pray for you. And make sure not to forget
to donate for God’s grace. I beg your pardon? It says in the Bible “Wherever your treasure is, there
the desires of your heart will be.” I see! They don’t look it,
but they lack manners. Tae-hyun, don’t do that here.
Let’s get out of here first! Hey, did I commit any crime? What if Dr. Lee sees us… What if he sees us? Here. This is for soliciting.
Same price as before. Yes, thank you. What are you doing here? You’re a habitual criminal. “A habitual criminal?” A habitual criminal who threatens patients’
families and exhorts money out of them? Am I wrong? I have no idea what you’re talking about. How can you deny it when
you were caught in act? What’s this money then? Do you want me to confront
the patient’s family? If you want to, please do. What? It’s true that the patient almost died because you couldn’t find
the bleeding point. And it’s true that I saved the patient
because you called me in a panic. And when I went to check up
on the patient, his family gave me a few pennies
to show their gratitude. That’s true.
Is something wrong, Sir? What did you just say? Is it because I didn’t give
you this money… To be honest, you get so much more
when the patient gets discharged. What? You’re so incredible! But it’s true! To be well off enough to get
a room on the VIP floor, it’s common sense to give an
envelope when they leave the hospital. Anyway, I really don’t know
why you’re so angry about this. Do you really not know? What? Yes. Really?
Okay, I’ll head out now. You may leave.
Let’s talk about this again later. I’m busy right now. Please do, but this money…
Please give it to me now. I need some money. Welcome, Mr. Chairman. Hello, Dr. Lee. Mr. Chairman? This is Dr. Lee, who is the doctor
in charge of Young Miss. Hello, sir. Why didn’t you give me a heads-up?
Would you like some tea in my office? We already had one in
the Director’s room. And I have an urgent matter to
discuss with my sister. And they really want to meet
with Yeo-jin. -With Young Miss?
-With Young Miss? Yes, please. That will only possible after I ask her
if she wants visitors. What? Chairman Han is a family member of
the patient and he approved it. But you’re going to stop us? Dr. Lee, don’t be so uptight about this. They’ve known her for a long time. I’m sorry, Mr. Chairman. But as you know very well,
it’s the patient’s wish to limit visitors. It’s also my professional opinion as
a doctor who protects the patient. Like you said, we need to check if
it’s the patient’s will! What can I say? Even in my own hospital,
my word is not law. I’m sorry. In that case, I’ll go see her and check
if she wants to have visitors. Please give me your business cards. We have no choice.
Her doctor says so. Right? How is Yeo-jin doing? There isn’t much difference. I guess there was a big ruckus when a new nurse entered the room not too long
ago. Did she try to hurt herself again? Hurt herself? I’m sorry to say this…
That’s right. I don’t know why she keeps doing that. I’m sorry. It’s our lack of care. As I expected, it’s too much. She’s strongly opposed
to having visitors. Then could you at least deliver
this document? This is the shareholders’ support
for her. Yes. Reviewing the document won’t be
too much for her, so I’ll deliver it. Wait. She’s sensitive about meeting people. To give her such tiring documents… If you really feel that way,
should I read it to Yeo-jin? No, it’s okay. Do what you want. Since I’m here, I’ll go see her.
Please, go ahead. How could you ask him to deliver
the document? It’s same as submitting it
to Mr. Chairman Han. I’m sorry. I felt rushed, so… Should we submit a court order
for a hospital visit? Have you lost your mind?
Then it’s an all-out war. What about stock price? It would make her feel uncomfortable. Very much. How is she? As you can see, she’s still the same. You have to manage her well. If anything goes wrong, you know
what happens, right? Of course I do. Have you been doing well?
I haven’t been able to visit you often. I’m sorry. Anyway, people are still lined up to
have an audience with you. Devil. You should treat us! Who? Me? Were you talking to me? Yes! Who else could it be?
Why do you pretend not to know? Why would I?
Why would I treat you? Yes, it’s obvious…
I’m the crazy girl who spouts nonsense. You know very well. What did you say?
What did you just say? What is it? Why do I hear screeching? You tell me!
There is a bug crawling in the hospital. A money bug. Nurse Song. Dr. Kim is keeping quiet,
so why are you being loud? Why do you always blame me? Dr. Kim. Yes? You should go to the dialysis room.
Your sister’s already there. Right.
I almost forgot. Thank you! Thank you! Are you dating that money bug? What did you say? Are you going to babble whatever
nonsense comes to mind? Think about it. Why else would you always
take his side? Because you’re wrong! What did I do? Didn’t you hear him call me a crazy girl? I didn’t hear that. All I heard was that you called
yourself a crazy girl. That’s what I mean! When I said I was a crazy girl,
he said, “You know it.” That means he called me a crazy girl.
Can’t you see? So, go home and think carefully
who called you a crazy girl. You crazy girl. Please! Tae-hyun, I’m starving to death!
Are you done yet? Just wait.
Why are you so impatient? Here… Ta-da! The smell is to die for!
It looks really delicious! You know you can’t have this.
Here is yours. I know, I know.
Did I say I was going to eat it? It looks delicious, that’s all. So-hyun, just wait a little longer.
I know it’s tough for you. I’ll get you treated and let you
eat anything you want. Fine, I got it!
I don’t need to eat this! Don’t worry. So-hyun! It’s Mom! Mom, Tae-hyun’s home! You’re coming home now? Why are you here?
Did something happen? No, nothing happened. Mom, it was Tae-hyun’s first day
of work as an intern. He’s a real doctor now. Hey, what doctor?
I’m just an intern. Intern or not, why do you make a fuss? What fuss?
I’m just… Did you take the medicine? Yes.
Mom, have a seat. Tae-hyun made stew. Sit down. Did you eat, Mom? I did. Have this. Hurry up and eat. -I’ll bring mine.
-Just eat this. Thank you for the food! Mom, wait a little.
I will make you live in luxury soon. You still haven’t come to your
senses yet? Why would you make me live
in luxury? Your parents have done anything
good for you. We never get you… I know, I know. Did we ever get you a tutor? Did we ever pay your medical
school tuition? That’s your repertoire. You know it so well… Mom… wait just a little longer.
I’ll be able to get a part-time job soon. Then, your hard days will be over. You’re such a fool. I’ll make sure to get So-hyun treated. Your tough days are almost over now. You are so crazy!. Let go!
You’ll smell like garlic. You came!
I fell asleep. I told you to call me when you got here. I know you’re busy. Let me see. Why are you so pale? Why?
Is something odd? You don’t feel well after the dialysis? It’s natural to feel exhausted
after dialysis. How can I feel good about it? Besides, what does it mean to
feel well after dialysis? Are you sure you’re a patient?
You are so full of energy. I’m sorry. Sure, at least you know you’re sorry. I told you to come more often! I should hold out as much as
I can before I come here. I should know the shame. What did you do so wrong to spend all of your earnings on my medical treatment? Stop joking around and make sure to come on the days the doctor tells you
to come. Three times a week, okay? Seriously, I’m a doctor.
I make a lot of money! It’s no big deal to pay for
your treatment. Is that why you still haven’t paid
off your student loan? That’s because medical school
tuition is so expensive. And the interest is low, so it’s better
to leave it for a long time. Who pays it back so quickly, you fool! Tae-hyun, I still look like a kid
in your eyes, right? Of course. You’re still a kid. Tae-hyun, I wouldn’t think life was that
unfair even if I stopped living now. Thanks to you, a great brother…
I was able to live this much longer. If it weren’t for Mom,
you’d have gotten a smack. To be honest, I’ve wanted to get
a smack from you since I was little. Tae-hyun, I’m sorry. Yeah. Where? Hey! I’ll go on my own!
What’s going on? Get in. Boss, we brought him!
Are you okay? Yong-pal, you came.
Hurry in! Step aside. A gunshot?
Police? Are you out of your mind? What are you doing? Do it fast! I really can’t do it here.
You have two options. Go to the hospital and live, or die here. No, you choose. Treat him and you can walk
out alive, or… or you die with him. That’s right.
You said it. Boss! Are you doing better? Listen. I won’t go to prison even if
I have to die now. No matter how he tries to trick you,
don’t let him take me to the hospital. They are just scared because they
found out that I got shot by the police. They’re afraid of being caught
by police, too! Boss, that’s not it… If I die, make sure to bury them
with me. Can you promise me? Yes, Boss! Whatever… No one dies here tonight!
Clean off the table! He’s blood type A.
Bring everyone with blood type A. How would we know that? Everyone who got treated by me
has a mark on their neck. A looks like a mountain. Oh, Type O is fine, too.
O is a round dot. Really? I’m Type B. What about mine? It’s Type B. What about me? It’s Type B. Why is everyone Type B? What are you doing?
Our Boss is in critical condition! Hurry up and go find Type A people! Yes! You’re Type A. Squeeze your fist to get the blood
flowing faster! Got it! I’m squeezing hard!
Why do you talk down on me? The patient has popped up.
It’s a room salon in Cheonhodong. Really? I don’t know if it’s certain but I hear
it looks like a honey comb. Tell everyone to get over there.
Let’s go! Yes, sir! Did it go well? Of course it did.
Who do you think Yong-pal is? Hello? What? Outside? Are you sure?
Got it. Why did you stop stitching? Don’t worry, he won’t die now. It’s better for him to run now
than get a few more stitches. What are you doing?
Pack up now! Yes, okay. Just hang in there. Wow, you are having a party here. Hey, let’s make it easy! Take them! Come at me! Get him! We have to hurry! Boss!
Please hang in there. Are you okay?
Can’t you do better? I’m sorry! Your boss will die that way! Everyone, put your hands up.
If you move, I’ll shoot you. Sir, these… Who told you to turn around?
Look straight ahead! Why? You must have a reason that
we shouldn’t turn around? You don’t have enough people? Yong-pal, take our boss with you
and keep going. Yong-pal? Hey, Mask!
You’re Yong-pal, right? If you move, I’ll shoot you! Here… Now I am unarmed. Shoot me. Yong-pal, hurry up.
Hurry up and leave! Look at those fearless… Yong-pal, stop there! Sir! Boss! What are you holding in your hands
when the elders are talking? Excuse us in many ways. These little… What are you waiting for instead
of getting in? Yong-pal, for me… I don’t know why we should run
and take him with us. What? What I mean is… Got it. I don’t know why, but I feel really bad. The suspect’s car is on the move.
What should we do? What do you mean,
what should you do? Start the car! Start the car! Listen, all police vehicles. The suspect vehicle is heading north
from Rodeo Street in Cheonhodong. We’ll start a rabbit chase starting now. The trap is at Yangpyung Intersection! Prepare the signal lights. He’s heading to the crossing. Right now!
Stop the signal lights. Okay! Done! All vehicles, gather at
Chungpyung Intersection! Yong-pal, I guess our luck has run out.
Let’s stop. No. Then my sister dies. Get out! What are you doing? Sir, what should we do with them? There is no need to rush.
Walk slowly and catch them. Yes, sir! Are they really…? Don’t come any closer!
I said not to come any closer! Yong-pal! Let’s stop now!
I’m tired! If you jump from there, you’ll die! What’s that?
What’s in the syringe? Epinephrine… If you jump from here without this,
we’ll die for sure. Here! Hey!
You’re going to jump from here? What else do you want to do? Do you want us to get caught here? What if we take this shot and jump? About 50%. No, we won’t die.
I can’t die! You don’t want to?
Then hang on tight. I’m leaving. Wait! Yong-pal, stop this crazy nonsense
and come here! What crime could you have committed? I’ll consider the circumstances. At most, you violated
the Medical Service Act. Your sentence will be suspended,
you know? Hurry up and make up your mind! If you wait, police boats will come.
It’ll be no use to jump then. Okay, okay, if I take that shot… We’re going. This is the scalpel Dr. Kim was using. Would you like a cup of tea? Yong-… He’s the one we were looking for. Pal… Young Miss…

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