Employees of Rapides Regional Medical Center

(light piano music) – I did clinicals here at Rapides Regional and there was something about
the people that I worked with and the environment that
really drew me to this place. And ever since then, I’ve been
a Rapides Regional employee. To me, this is just, this
is family away from family, home away from home. Everyone here really does care about you, and that’s just not something I say. Every single person that works here, administration, the cafeteria workers, techs, housekeeping, you name it, everyone here is like family, and I love being able to
be around that every day. You never know what you’re
gonna expect throughout the day. It’s always different. Not every job in the world is satisfying. But for me, I truly believe
that this job is satisfying; physically, mentally, emotionally. I really love what I do. And there are days that are bad. I think everyone has bad days, but there are more good
than there are bad, and just being able to see
that you make a difference just helps everything.

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