Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

♪ Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant? ♪ Has been dreading this appointment. Fears he waited too long. ♪ Wife’s surgery went well. Going home to rest. ♪ Day 29: Waiting for a new heart. ♪ 19 year-old son on life support. ♪ Doesn’t completely understand. ♪ Too shocked to comprehend treatment options. ♪ Waiting 3 hours. ♪ Husband is terminally ill. Visiting Dad for the last time. Celebrating 25th wedding anniversary. ♪ Wife had stroke. Worried how he will take care of her. Recently divorced. Just found out he’s going to be a dad. ♪ Daughter is getting married on Saturday. Determined to be there. ♪ Worried how he will pay for this. ♪ Tomorrow, first vacation in years. ♪ 7,000 miles from home. ♪ Nearing the end of a 12 hour shift. ♪ 7 years cancer free. ♪ Hoping to hold her today. ♪ They saw “something” on her mammogram. ♪ Just signed DNR (Do-Not-Resuscitate) ♪ Always wanted a child of her own. ♪ Ears all better. Finally! ♪ Car accident 6 months ago. Pain won’t go away. ♪ Tumor was benign. Tumor was malignant. ♪ If you could stand in someone else’s shoes… ♪ Hear what they hear. ♪ See what they see. ♪ Feel what they feel. ♪ Would you treat them differently? ♪

100 thoughts on “Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

  1. I just watched this in orientation. Tears silently went down my cheeks. How can this not effect anyone. CNA

  2. So touching and with lots of reflection to ponder on. We should indeed be empathetic in all our daily walks of life. Very well presented indeed.

  3. I'd probably shouldn't tell people I know what they are thinking about
    It deals some out way before they go get their diagnoses
    Sometimes to be a physic,
    With other gifts too
    No one but believes actually believe u till you prove it
    THAT DID not go over SOO well

  4. Empathy is very important. Medicine is an State of the art, science, skill, passion to continue despite difficulties. Because you Love medicine per se and you learn most of the time from your patient not only from the book. In order for you to Connect with your patient you must have empathy, a passion to serve.. Medicine or any profession is a calling to serve..

  5. This is an amazing video! Should be shown at any healthcare/social care workplace orientation and in all training programs for health/social care careers.

  6. My problem is Trivial compared to the Population. I may sound like a Softie ( as I am a man ) but I too nearly had tears in my eyes when I watched this video.

  7. I never had the comfort of staff comforting me and my sister when we received the news our mother was terminal. Other than two people in the west palm beach office. The clinic needs to listen to their patients more. Who's publishing this is my late mother that's who the email is in I'm her daughter writing the comment.

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  9. This or other similar clips should be required of all healthcare workers, no matter the role, clinical or non-clinical. We all play a role in helping people that enter the doors of the healthcare facility.

  10. No one's gonna see this but I just want to share it…when I was 4 years old,I had blood cancer and I was admitted in the hospital for 3 years in a whole other country.but some people doesn't understand what I've been through…whenever they hear about my cancer they make fun of it…I don't want to be treated differently but I just want them to know my feelings of what I've been through.people tells me to forget about this but 3years is a long time.how can I forget my life's 3 years.no one ever understands other people's life's.they only thinks about their lives and their problems

  11. OHH man and I’m in a health care class and I have to watch it which IM SICK right now and now I’m just crying for other people who are going through worse than I am

  12. Excellent video. Hits me hard every time I see it. Working in healthcare you forget sometimes that it takes a heavier toll on you than you allow yourself to admit. Great video for perspective.

  13. Most excellent video, couldn't stop the tears. True representation of how our lives intersect and impact. Thank you for presenting.

  14. If confinement and most long term care would be cared for from the home front, there would be less anxiety. @Choice Care is working towards ensuring this happens. How would you like it for your doctor to come to your home? Fully equipped to serve you?

  15. Wow, crazy how things come full circle. I had seen this video when I was in nursing school and really liked it. I was told by a friend to check out Cleveland Clinic and apply for a job as an RN and stumbled back across this video.

  16. I watched this video a couple months ago when I started my new nursing job in a doctor's office. They showed it to us during orientation. I need to watch this every couple of months just like the med student said just to stay compassionate and humble. It really hits home. Everybody has an issue whether good or bad daily. I'm thankful to God that I have a relationship with Jesus my Savior.

  17. On my Journey to become a Respiratory Therapist, I came across this video during my Orientation at my new Job. All that could come in mind after watching it was “ THIS IS POWERFUL”.

    Since then I got a sense of Care as a Clinician.

  18. This video reminds me of why I chose to major in healthcare administration, one of my Professors showed this video on the first and last day of the semester and each time I watch it it bring tears to my eyes

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  20. I’m a RN. First watched this video in class. Still watch it from time to time as reminder of what patient and families are encountering during hospital visits. I pray I stay compassionate and have empathy for those who are going through unforeseen circumstances. May God be with all!

  21. Definitely think that this video is a good watch for anyone considering going into the medical field, from EMT to Doctor.

  22. One of the realest videos I've ever watched in all my days of existence. We really need to get out of our own way and remember there are 7 billion others just like us, going through experiences we will never face. Thank God for life and every day you receive, because there is at least one person who can't say the same.

  23. Learnt the word 'sonder' recently from my niece. Sonder and Empathy go hand-in-hand in defining humane. One is the realisation, the other is your response to that realisation. Lovely video. And applies to any field, not just health services.

  24. 🇸🇦
    I am a physical therapist, I watched this video in a training session for person-centered care that I volunteer at. I Still watch it from time to time as a reminder of what patient, families, colleagues, or in anyone in the health care industry are encountering during hospital visits. Excellent message thanks Cleveland Clinic

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  26. They’re so compassionate they ring every last dime out of your pockets and leave your family with nothing.

  27. Hi,i saw your post, i am a medical doctor, its obvious you can be cured, i have had patient of such, i treated them and later referred them to spiritual herbalist in Africa Nigeria who sent them herbs here in USA through a DHL and they got it after 4 days they concluded with the herbal doctor through email, you can text or add me up on WhatsApp for further enquiry +18034306253. [email protected]

  28. I just watched this started to cry. I my self just got out of treatment for alcoholism depression and really bad anxiety attacks I been sober for 10 days now. I know the feeling of being judged. I shaired this video on my Facebook news feed

  29. There is nothing like seeing through the eyes of others. Leaves me wondering how much we can achieve in our world if we do. This is not just about the medical world alone, but it cuts across all board.

  30. this vedio just analysis the challenges of Life
    it awesome life is a challenge, thanks the presenter

  31. La vie est ainsi faite , a chacun ses soucies. On doit toujours garder espoir quelque soit la situation.

  32. So touching and mind opening, thanks for sharing… lets solve different and have caring to each other.

  33. This had me in tears.I would be empathetic to my loved ones and friends you never can tell the pain they go through, I pray for anyone going through pains to be healed.

  34. In this video massage, I can read clearly what many of us go through in our daily life. You can see so much people in this hospital with so many different challenges and as such needs a solution.
    I can see;
    If I could stand in some one else's shoe…
    Hear what they hear,
    See what they see,
    Feel what they feel.
    This is a big lesson for me.

  35. Unfortunately, we see people every day who are attached to their condition and situation, which allows them to be egocentric and forget that other people may be in a worse condition and that they are even needing our help. We have to stop being more egocentric and think about others.

  36. This video has made me shed tears…we really need to try and put ourselves in other peoples shoes…

  37. This video is really heart breaking but working in the Healthcare field, for a major health insurer, it was shown to us many times in training to teach us empathy and understanding, that when we talk to customers on the phone, we never know what they are going through, physically or mentally.

  38. I have been to Cleveland Clinic, saw somewhere from 50-70 doctors there.  And nowhere did I experience Empathy, just a bureaucracy to make you keep on coming back and paying stupendous amounts of money for no diagnose, no communication to your Family doctor, and the realization that I will be suffering from chronic pain for the rest of my life if this is; illegitly, one of top 5 hospitals in all of North America.  Save your time and money and just jump off a bridge, you will save yourself(and your family) hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That way your pain will allow your family to save their money for THEIR future.(which sadly is going to be the same thing since 116MILLION Americans suffer from chronic pain; 70% never getting any relief from doctors or specialists at all!)

  39. It made me think of my mum, I never saw her in the hospital but always imagined how she battled to survive. Unfortunately, she never came back home.

  40. The worst part of this is worrying how you will pay for it… every day I work and care for patients who have every other worry aside from having to pay for lifesaving/life-changing treatment. Grateful for #myNHS

  41. This is about so much more than healthcare. All of us who interact with or need to understand others, who seek to put ourselves in their shoes for many, many reasons, need empathy. Imagine the state of our politics, of our world, if we were able to do this more often. What a gift this video is to anyone who serves others in any capacity — from healthcare to design to restaurants to technology to art, and on and on and on,

  42. I wish I can watch this video every morning before going out and night before going to bed. Hmmm, everyone has a story. My GOD….

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  44. 5 years ago is TOO long for a comment. Here is a updated comment 🙂  They showed this video, when I was hired to ALBANY MEDICAL CENTER in Albany, N.Y, 4 years ago. It captured my heart and really made you remember that you have to think of others more carefully. They continue to show this video at every orientation. I believe this video should be shown at every Hospital in the World, this really gives a better understanding that you just don't know what people are going through, not only as a patient in the Hospital but also perhaps that angry customer you get at the counter in a grocery store or someone screaming at you on the highway. EMPATHY is something now and days that is often forgotten and this video was truly a heartfelt idea. I try to share this video with many people who don't just work in the healthcare field but anywhere. <3 KUDOS to CLEVELAND CLINIC and the participants. Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!

  45. Empathy will kill you in the current medical system because it doesnt go both ways, no empathy for the treating doctor. Patients are narcissists and doctors are codependents.

  46. I work in a hospital as well and this is the Best empathy video I have ever come across! We are all fighting a battle no one knows about, so it is important to be kind. ❤

  47. I've just ended middle school, and both years i was there, they showed this video on our topic of empathy and it really gets to me. i'm glad they're starting to show this more and more.

  48. UVA showed us this video during our first day of nursing orientation in 2014 and I cried through the whole thing. Everyone should watch this! It totally transformed how I feel when people are rude or angry. You never know what they are dealing with 💜

  49. Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position.

  50. i agreed with that: Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position.

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