Emergency nursing at King’s College Hospital

As a Major Trauma Centre, we receive patients
who are severely injured not only from the local area
but also from Kent and Sussex. What that does mean is that we are
experienced in looking after those very, very severely injured patients,
particularly in those first few hours when decisions are really,
really important. We welcome people right at the beginning of
their career when they’ve just graduated, but also,
we will assist nurses with their career right the way through to being a nurse consultant at a band 9. If there’s something I haven’t done before, a senior member of staff will come in, they’ll help, they’ll demonstrate. And then
we get to practice ourselves. You can apply for university courses
and there’s excellent in-house training as well, for you to
develop your skills and your knowledge as an emergency nurse. At King’s they have this A and E Preceptorship. So they have a whole year where
they ease you into it, they teach you about all the new things that
you have to learn. This is one of the main reasons
I chose to come to King’s, and stay at King’s, was because they had
this A and E Preceptorship. Because a lot of other Trusts just won’t let you. We have a very broad base of specialties here, so not only are we a Major Trauma Centre, we’re also a Cardiac Arrest Centre,
an Arrhythmia Centre and a Stroke Centre. As a Consultant in the Emergency Department, the nursing team are essential to me. They’re here for longer periods of time
than our doctors and therefore we have the opportunity to
develop very strong relationships with our nursing team. I’ve worked here for approximately 5 months now. Everyone’s been really warm and helpful
and nurturing and supportive towards me in my new role. Working at King’s, we’re a huge team but we’ve become more like a family and I’ve made so many new friends here from all around the world and all over the country, which has made my move to London a lot easier. Central London is 10 minutes away
so even getting in to the theatres and to the shows is really, really easy, so it’s a really vibrant place to live, it’s a place that’s
really up and coming. I would like to invite any nurse, wherever
they are in their career, to come and join us at Team King’s. This is really an excellent hospital, we have fantastic international survival figures
for our patients and it is a wonderful place to work. So come and join us.
You will really enjoy it.

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