Emergency Karma Clinic

I have created an Emergency Karma Clinic.
I remember a video that I watched many years ago. This is by TD Jakes. You may want to
watch that. He comes with a red jacket on and then he talks, “It’s an emergency.
It’s an emergency. It’s an emergency. It is an emergency,” he says. There is an
emergency. You have to bring emergency to stop your suffering, whether it is financial
suffering, whether it is physical suffering, a disease, or a relationship suffering. You
have to stop it immediately. You have to create an emergency. And that is important. Otherwise,
you will be waiting forever. And you elect to suffer. And it is foolish to elect to suffer;
there are technologies. I have gone through many, many crossroads
in my life. But one thing that has remained constant in my life is, “How can I help
humanity to stop this? It’s suffering, because life is a suffering, which is the finding
of the Buddha is true. But I want to say that life can be transformed. It need not be a
suffering. So, what’s the technology? The technology comes from a merger of science
and religion. I talk about the Brain a lot. And I do research with scientists on Brain
mapping and how to, how to keep us happy. So, science and religion are very important,
but they are limited sciences, lame, and as Einstein said, “and religion is blind.”
We cannot be blind. We cannot follow any blind faith. Whatever technology, spiritual technology
I prescribe to you, they are quite scientific, because it is science. Otherwise it will be
just superstition. So the Emergency Karma Clinic uses a lot of
symbols and rituals. Symbols are very important. Why America is number one country, financially
and scientifically and otherwise? Look at the dollar. The dollar bill has symbols, very
powerful symbols of the Wisdom Eye, the Pyramid and the Eagle.
I can give hours of lecture on that: Pyramid and Eye of Wisdom and the Eagle. They carry
tremendous amount of power. And this is a symbol of Christ [holds up a crucifix]. And
this [crucifix] is a tremendous amount of power too. And the Eucharist and the Last
Supper where he breaks the bread and makes people to drink the wine is a ritual, a very
powerful ritual. I have talked about it in many, many occasions. So, we need to put an
end to financial suffering. And it is foolish to let go of time and keep
suffering. And that’s the reason why I created this Karma Clinic and I want you to try [it].
You know, It is again a scientific process. We have to test it and I want you to test
it, just not 1 time, just give it two or three times before you drop it or keep it. God Bless.

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