Emerald City Family Chiropractic – Eugene, Oregon

In our practice we take care of people from little babies all the way up to a hundred years old. We do very specific Individualized Chiropractic Care. We get people to rehab and we give people the tools and resources they need to get the cause of their health problems. So in our Clinic, we offer very Individualized Chiropractic Care and Specific Rehab Programs to help people get to cause their health problems, get out of pain, perform better and just function better overall! We also do Customized Nutrition Programs to help people lose weight feel better and address disease naturally, through lifestyle modifications that can help people improve function and healing in their body rather than treating their symptoms with drugs, surgery, and other modalities. What we’re best known for is, providing highly individualized wellness plans for people of all ages so when people come in, we look at their body, look at their goals, their problem… We do a very thorough exam to figure out what their problem is, what their goals are and how to get them there! What makes my practice stand out is we provide highly Individualized care in a family friendly environment that promotes health and healing! So if you need help and you think we can help you give us a call: 541-226-3829

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