Ellsworth Medical Clinic — 2012 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Champion

[Dr. Christopher Tashjian]
We changed our approach and the way we looked
at high blood pressure, because as providers were
really dedicated yet, we really weren’t getting
the results we wanted and we really wanted
better results. [Denny Dodge] Every time
I come in for whatever aliment
I might have, they check my blood pressure. And seem really interested
all the time in whether I am improving
or not. [Rosanne Matzek]I think
it’s important for a clinic to have a Care Coordinator
on their staff because we can take the
time and educate patients. We can take the time to
delve a little bit deeper. [Dr. Tashjian] What
we are really trying to do is not treat blood
pressure…but we are trying to prevent heart attacks
and prevent strokes, and we really are trying
to improve the quality of our patients’ lives. [Rosanne Matzek, CMA, Care Coordinator] I think the Ellsworth Medical Clinic success has come because our
physicians are passionate about the quality
of patient care. They have gotten the rest
of the team behind them. [Dr. Christopher Tashjian, M.D.,
F.A.A.F.P.] It has to be a team. No matter how dedicated you are,
no matter how important it is to you, you can’t do
the work of a team. And it doesn’t matter who our
patient calls, they are going to hear the exact same message, we care about your
blood pressure. We have to address it. We have to attack it
right now here today. [Dr. Tashjian]
By using this electronic record, by having access to data, which we didn’t have access to that date before makes all the difference
in the world. We can go query our
electronic record and say, give me all the patients that
are in control…let me know all of my patients who are not
in blood pressure control. [Dr. Tashjian] The Care
Coordinator is the proactive manager who helps
assemble the data and then helps make
decision plans and care plans for individual patients. [Rosanne] It’s just so nice
that we have spread sheets that we can go to and
registries that we can look up, and people don’t slip
through the cracks. [Dr. Tashjian] Patients are telling me they feel better, they didn’t really realize
they were having headaches, they didn’t really realize
they were having low energy, or they didn’t feel
“quite right.” [Denny Dodge, patient]
My activity level for an older guy is quite high. I am able to keep up
with my grandkids. I am able to do things that
other people my age can’t do. And I believe that
staying healthy and keeping your blood
pressure under control is the reason for that. [Dr. Tashjian] We wanted to do something transformative, we said, you know what,
our patients deserve it. We have great patients they
put their faith and trust in us we owe it to them to
do the best job we can. [Thomas R. Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. CDC Director] The Ellsworth Medical Clinic worked together to achieve a 90 percent control
rate among their 700 patients with diagnosed with high
blood pressure. Follow their lead and be part of helping ten million more Americans get their blood pressure under control.

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  1. This is my primary clinic. The staff does a wonderful job. There are larger clinics closer to my house, but I drive 14 miles to this clinic because of the personal attention they provide.

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