Elizabeth Yu, MD – Spine Specialist at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center

My name is Elizabeth Yu. I am an assistant
professor of orthopedic surgery in the spine division here at The Ohio State University
Wexner Medical Center. I specialize in conditions affecting the
neck, upper back and lower back. I completed my orthopedic surgery residency at the Mayo
Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I completed my spine fellowship, specializing in adult
degenerative and deformity conditions at Stanford University in San Francisco in California. I chose a career in medicine because I want
to make a positive difference in the world I live in. I decided on the field of orthopedic
surgery because I want to improve the quality of life of patients afflicted with diseases
affecting the musculoskeletal system. What brought me to Ohio State University is
the wealth of opportunities and excellence in care of its patients. Patient care and
research are an important part of what I do. With an undergraduate degree in bioengineering
from Stanford, I look forward to working with the biodynamics laboratory and understanding
the mechanisms of the spine and how it is affected by disease and how it is improved
with surgery. The combination of teaching, research and
education allows OSU to provide outstanding service and care to its patients. My treatment decision and relationship with
my patients is based first and foremost on what is in the best interest of my patients
and what I can do to improve their quality of life. Each patient is different, and with
the Comprehensive Spine Center here at OSU, dedicated to individualized care allowed me
to incorporate all facets of spine treatment for my patients. This includes exhausting
all non-operative treatment before entertaining surgery. A good day at work for me is making a positive
difference in my patients’ lives.

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  1. Unfortunately, after Dr Yu preformed surgery on my husband’s back, he was actually worse than he was before his surgery. Sadly, as a result, he ended up losing his job, and had to go on disability. She’s a very nice person, but that’s the only positive thing I can say about her…

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