Elizabeth Simkus, DNP – Rush University Medical Center

I see patients after bariatric surgery, mostly
their long-term follow-up. Follow-up after bariatric surgery is very
important to not only monitor weight loss, but also to assess micronutrient status, and
monitor for any sort of complication that could occur, or look at the resolution of
medical conditions that you may have had prior to bariatric surgery. So following up with the bariatric program
is really important for long-term success and health maintenance overall. In addition to the weight loss, after bariatric
surgery, patients that have had high blood pressure, or diabetes, or they’re on a CPAP
[continuous positive airway pressure] for sleep apnea, we see that their improvements
are significant and pretty rapid right after — where it’s a possibility for them to
be able to come off some or all of their medications and also be able to come off of the CPAP. So being able to see that is pretty amazing.

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