Elizabeth Davis, MD – Rush University Medical Center

I’m both a primary care doctor, and I also
take care of patients in the hospital. In my primary care practice, I work with a
panel of patients on preventive issues such as mammograms or vaccinations. We also work together on any chronic diseases
they may have, such as diabetes, and then anything new that comes up, like a new symptom
or a new issue. I also take care of patients in the hospital. So, for example, if someone’s admitted to
the hospital with pneumonia, I would take care of that patient and collaborate with
nurses or other specialists or anyone else involved in their care until they get better
and get to go back home. I’m also fluent in Spanish, and I welcome
Spanish-speaking patients into my practice. Me encanta ayudar a personas quienes prefrieren
hablar en español [I love helping people who prefer to speak in Spanish.] One of the most important things to me is
that I’m really collaborating with my patients — that I’m not just giving them a lecture. I think it’s important to work with my patients
to identify their own goals and then determine ways that they can work towards those goals. So that they ultimately get to a place where
they feel more in control of their health and more in control — really — of their
life. One of the most gratifying things about my
job is when I’ve known someone for a long time, and maybe I’ve been with them during
vulnerable moments, and then I also get to celebrate with them when they get better and
when they’re in a better place in their life.

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