ELEPHANT NATURE PARK | Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Today we’re taking a fun little day trip outside
of Chiang Mai. We are visiting the Elephant Nature Park, which is about sixty kilometers
outside of the city. This is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center, so we’re going
to be showing you around. This center is also a refuge for a number
of injured and abandoned animals such as dogs, cats, water buffalo and others. We have a bucket full of fresh fruit and on
today’s menu for the elephants are bananas and watermelons. Hi Baby! There you go. No bananas. Nope! That was my first time touching an elephant
and there skin is surprisingly course and hairy. Right now the rescue center is home to thirty
seven elephants. Thirty two of them are female and five of them are male. These are Asian
elephants, which vary from the African elephant. The African elephant is actually a lot larger
than the Asian elephant and they also have much bigger ears. Most of the elephants on the site have been
rescued from logging, tourism and begging industries. This is the happiest time of day! The elephants
are now being bathed. Overall, the experience at the Elephant Nature
Park has been phenomenal. We’ve really enjoyed having an opportunity to feed, bathe and interact
with all of the elephants. It is a great alternative to doing the trekking where you are just sitting
on top of the elephant and they are working. This way you get to spend time with the elephant
in its natural environment feeding it and just having a great time.

22 thoughts on “ELEPHANT NATURE PARK | Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

  1. Side note..you kinda made it sound like this park is better because riding elephants is boring..but really, this park is great BECAUSE there aren't rides and elephants aren't hurt..

  2. +Brenda Vee, thanks!

    Indeed, that is the best reason to come.  The elephants are treated kindly and with respect and one can interact with them without causing them pain and hardship.

  3. elephant elephant elephant CAT! it's not a samuel and audrey vlog if there's no cats or dogs XD wow the elephants looked very calm and dare i say, happy! the baby elephant was ridiculously adorable with his picky eating XD thank you for the educational and entertaining video!

  4. looks like a great time! I wish we had done more research when we were there, I would've loved to go to a place like this one. Much more humane than the place we went to! Great vid.

  5. love love this video. Wondering if anyone has a sense of what the mode of transportation was that Samuel & Audrey used to get to this place???
    since its about 60 km from where they were staying- thanks

  6. get these fat ass pussy chicks away from these phants. they need some love and connection from a man, not long distant water toss piss.

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  8. I really like the style of your videos and find them quite informative. I was wondering if you ventured to any islands during your time in Thailand? I would be interested to hear your impressions. Going travelling to Thailand this December – definitely want to visit Chiangmai but rather torn where to go after that. Not really a big party goer – nature, culture, food and a sprinkling of adventure is what I am looking for. Do you have any recommendations?!

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