El Paso hospital denies Trump’s claim that doctors left operating room to see him

-These are incredible people,
but if you read the papers, it was like nobody
would meet with me. Not only did they meet with me, they were pouring
out of the rooms. The doctors were coming out
of the operating rooms. There were hundreds and hundreds
of people all over the floor. You couldn’t even walk on it. -We don’t want him
on the patient’s room, and we respect
all our family’s opinions because of the way
he talks against Mexicans, against Hispanics, so we don’t want to talk
to person that is against — they are, you know, Mexican. -I was here three months ago. We made a speech,
and we had a — what was the name of the arena? That place was packed. -El Paso Coliseum.
-Right, right? -Thank you for all that you do. -We had twice
the number outside, and then you had
this crazy Beto. Beto had, like, 400 people
in a parking lot. They said his crowd
was wonderful. -Beautiful moments in the sense
that these people, the families, and also the people
that were so badly injured that I was with,
they love our country, and, frankly,
you want to know the truth? They love their President,
and nobody wrote that. Nobody wrote that, ’cause you
didn’t write the truth. New York Times doesn’t like
to write the truth.

86 thoughts on “El Paso hospital denies Trump’s claim that doctors left operating room to see him

  1. Is he claiming that doctors endangered their patients by leaving the operating room? Is he opening them up to liability by slandering them? Sue and depose him.

  2. I notice his children (…the ones he likes…not Eric & Tiffany) are suspiciously absent whilst all this 'mine was bigger than yours' nonsense is going on!! They were front & centre when they invaded the UK on the tax payer dime, I notice!! 🤔🙄🤐

  3. Trump already won 2020. Hope the DemocRATS can muster someone to beat Ivanka in 2024. She will be out FIRST Jewish AND Female President! Now that’s a win!

  4. He got to see one person that would allow him to visit, however he took his chance to then try to Brag about his minor turnout at his cheesy rally??? What a heartless goon!! Photo op!!!!

  5. I know it sounds unbelievable…trump lying?? The man that declared himself to be the second coming of god…maybe that is a fib. Hmmmm


  7. Doctor we need to implant this heart now wait Trump is in the hallway I want to go and see this great man a vision the patient can wait LOL

  8. I've never seen another human who was so inept, so corrupt, so shocking ,while passionately begging to be loved or admired, even as his nature runs afoul to decency !?!

  9. I'm the original trump hater, I thought he was a self centered douche back when he was in the Home Alone movies.

  10. Seeing this mentally severely disturbed old man to me is unbearable. Hearing him (listening makes my ears bleed) is aggravated assault.

  11. He actually lives his fantasies… literally. I really think that his mind makes up these things he wants to see and he thinks it actually happened. This is called schizofrenic… egotistical narcissistic schizofrenic… the most dangerous combination ever…

  12. Of course they do…. he’s a man baby…… as if doctors would leave patients on the operating table to look at this thug. I guess he thinks everyone is as unprofessional and as childish as he is. What a really stupid thing to say……. absurd! God help America….

  13. At what stage do toddlers get the idea that the world revolves around them? Someone get this big baby the world's largest baby bottle and pacifier (something to put in that gaping hole that moves when he babbles) while real people start making decisions please!!!!

  14. Wait… you mean Trump LIED?! Unpossible! He’s the Chosen One! The Chosen One would never lie!

    What a farce of a man.

  15. 12001 lies now is it? As an evangelical supporter I don’t care, I can make my Bronze Age beliefs fit anything I like. What would my Jesus say…errr nothing as we wouldn’t let him in. Stop enabling this moron and faux Christian and welcome the enlightenment.

  16. All the poor babies sad Trump is President. Vote for a Democrat like Biden, so Trump will win again in 2020. America will never be a socialist welfare country.

  17. Scripture clearly warns of many anti-christ. Potus is one such, as if to "deceive the supposed elect". A disciple of the evil one.
    No greater sin unto GOD but he who twists TRUTH.
    MIDTERMS 2/3 of the American People spoke loud and clear ….
    IMPEACHMENT is the only remedy for an ILLEGITIMATE CORRUPT SOCIOPATHIC potus with delusions of a DICTATORSHIP.
    The COMPLETE OBLITERATION of the GOP is the only remedy for an inept complicit self serving TREASONOUS "organization".

  18. The surgeons did pause to ask if a patient with narcissistic personality disorder and possible messiah complex had escaped from the psych ward. The subject was clearly agitated, and had grandiose delusions pertaining to himself and his abilities.

  19. The Trump pantleg humpers would lovingly scarf down the man's droppings and mewl at his feet even if he ate babies fer Chris'sakes.

  20. WP spewing BS again… when doctors left operating rooms they were Finished with what the drs was doing. You "news" reporters are dividing the country and should be ashamed of yourselves. DemonRats are destroying America and you are helping them.. The World is Watching..

  21. 😂 He is so funny. Then there are brainwashed people who think he's racist. He clearly ISN'T! he is just trying to put Americans 1st! Just as All other countries should put their own citizens first!

  22. Even when visiting victims of a shooting that he dog-whistled for, he STILL has to make up stories about his fictional popularity. If I were a surgeon in an operating room and Trump was on the table, I would leave the room to get away from him and deny him treatment like he denies non-Aryans healthcare.

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