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hey guys thanks for joining us Sharon needs her ear clean right right okay so this one here on the right more so than the left but they both do shows there’s wax on them and in quite a bit just more on the right is it feeling clogged yes it feels clogged plus I’ve got that range ringing from it how long has it been going on on and off the ringing has been going on for a few years getting worse I mean I mean the plug field on the plug feeling as me for a few weeks forged as I tried right before I went to San Diego I was gone for about eight days and before I left I tried two days of the hydrogen peroxide and I just didn’t relieve that it made it worse I think okay well we will certainly go in possibly the hydrogen peroxide is making our job here today easier even though it doesn’t do any good for you at home I still do recommend using like half water hot water as hot as you can stand in hydrogen peroxide and legt sit in there usually it’ll help but in this case it wasn’t enough I was getting straight hydrogen peroxide oh yes warmth helps and that’s what we’re going to do here today yeah alright so get ready for some warm water sorry it’s dripping on your arm there try to hold it out okay we do see the wax is starting to come out already and we can see wax moving around over there and okay there you so we’ve got this to you don’t want to see idea that’s it okay to theatre not to see it that’s good oh yeah that okay fine powder we’re doing like that really wow we’re doing something here you go unclog so with that out of the way then I’ll take another peek in there because this is still ready y ax is still in there in the right ear following first washing and curettage and we’ll start what’s the good it done will go a little faster but come out that was probably yet so I’m going to take on luck I get into the ear and there’s the eardrum i hurting you what all right no wax same moving on to the left ear I was gonna close to each other there for eight years and I get to see an ear doctor for the same thing and when she saw the eardrum she sang to it you did not say I’m sorry 28 yeah she worked primarily I think we children oh it was delightful I generally been using to my eardrum before I can do that what they call ASMR where I whisper into your are you familiar with that no that’s the thing on YouTube also work people will generally don’t look everything’s on the kids they’ll put on it doesn’t show anything here it’s a people put on headphones and listen to recordings of people whispering oh you’re close to the microphone and you know it kind of makes you have that to show yeah apparently that’s a desirable sensation we go all set yeah you get the nordstrom then I’ll get the dutch brothers in little commercialize it there we go makes the pressure get your donation a little bit then i can save these in cases of people in their help but not with this device yeah this one well here i’ll just briefly show it it squirts is it where the whole I don’t know where it’s good i’ll show you which way it goes it’s not direct it hits the sides of it and that’s why it’s considered safer than just taking a syringe in this square that’s trading many devices squirts great straight in so we’re going to call this after seven of a lot 40 floors i think this canal is shaped differently than the other one now the doctor earlier to mention that given what we’ve done here i think i’m going to recommend that we don’t continue doing the washing but rather that we have you used some over-the-counter ear wax softening we found out that we lost the audio on this clothing that we did with sharon so I have to repeat the the closing here thanks so much for joining us we enjoy doing this procedure this was unique in that we didn’t completely get that cleaned out on her left ear and you can see if I really wanted to get that out but sometimes the better thing to do is just let something not as invasive like squirting water in a person’s ear take its time like the over-the-counter wax softener let it do its job it’s better off for the patient lower risk of doing something from a procedure and everything comes out better in the end it just takes a little longer it’s kind of frustrating when you want to see that come out but patient’s best interests do what’s less likely to cause them harm and that’s what we did in this case so she went home did the earwax softener at home we thank our patrons booboo Kitty and Lindsay antwine who helped to make this possible for everybody to enjoy and everybody can see the behind the scenes and some of the procedures that don’t make it to the regular channel by becoming a part of the patreon until next time does dr. mark Bunn telling all of you stay good health you

54 thoughts on “Eight Ear Washes | Auburn Medical Group

  1. That's crazy that many times and not much of a difference I hope the drops help to clear her ear as always thanks for another great video

  2. Oh my. Asmr shivers
    Really cool ear wax video Dr Vaughan. Anti-climatic but did the war drops work? Maybe the audio won't drop out next time and we'll hear you sing

  3. Dr Vaughn how often do you see an ear drum like hers? It is something that is common? Also was she able to clear her ear of wax with the OTC product your recommended?

  4. Since Sandra Lee is Dr. Pimple Popper, John Gilmore is Dr. Cyst Buster, and Carlo Oller is Dr. ER, you need a nickname!

    The Cerumenator?

  5. Dr. Vaughan, the headphone thing on YouTube is called the whisper challenge. The one wearing the earphones is listening to music and their partner whispers to them and rhey have to guess what they whispering

  6. Is there anything at all to be done for ringing in the ears? I have had that for years and it's very unpleasant. I've always been told there's nothing that can be done to treat it. But I would love a professional medical opinion from someone I trust.

  7. Ear flushing has come a long way since the 20 or 50ml syringes or the empty tomato sauce bottle rolled with warm water and oil.

  8. Nickname: How about the 'Ear Whisperer', because he is always so softly (and kindly) speaking with his patients.

  9. What is your guises address for patients to visit? I'm looking for a doctor that takes Medicare. I trust you guys.

  10. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I really like the way she colored her hair! It's a fun style! I hope the drops did the trick.

  11. I love your channel! You have a very kind bedside manner which a lot of doctors are lacking these days. What state do you practice? I have an 11 year old child and unlike my daughter, my son has never had an ear infection thank goodness!

  12. Hey Doc what's the point in having the gloves on when you cross contaminate…. you touch the wax with your glove covered hand but then you touch the phone with the hands that touch the ear wax so if you going to cross contaminate you might as well just do the job without gloves on ..you need a cameraman because you'll be carrying bacteria and contaminants on that phone ….oh boy… scary !

  13. I got a good name for ya. How about Sir LANCE-a-lot. Get it, you lance a abscess's and such, hence the lance part and the next part is self explanatory. I know… it's terrible, the absolute worst. What was I thinking. That's my problem, I don't think before these THINGS leave my mouth. Looks like there will be no seconds on desert for me tonight. My mother was right, I'l never amount to anything. OH the shame and embarrassment I have besieged upon thine self with such great vigor and pathetic determination . My misguided attempt at humor has once again exploded in my face like a grenade, embedding shrapnel made of self loathing and despair throughout my soul and decimating what remained of my self worth with one shot I'm that little boy wearing a bow-tie on the first day of grade school like a bully wanted sighn. It's because of that bow-tie. It's all because of the TIE. Even now I can feel it tightening around my neck like noose. I wanted to wear my BJ and the Bear t-shirt and corduroy pants but nooooo! I had to be special. Well I was special alright. I looked like the illegitimate love child of Pinocchio and Forrest Gump And were the lederhosen really necessary? When you bought them you swore to me it was for my Halloween costume, you SWORE!. Such deceit from my own mother. And look were it has gotten me. My apologies to all. It's now time for my medicine.

  14. I have had this and I got the cleaning witch helped but still I had the clogged ear so my doctor told me to do nasal spray and it worked great

  15. i want to have my ears cleaned by Dr Mark. i would know im in safe hands. His voice is so soothing and addictive.😍

  16. I absolutely hate asmr talking videos but I love the Dr talking about them, that was cool. I like asmr videos with tapping, scratching, etc just don't talk! Lol

  17. I highly recommend everyone have a lavage done at least once in your life. You'll be amazed how much crap comes out, and how much better you'll hear. I quite enjoyed doing these for my pts. ☺💙

  18. Dr. V, what is the device you use for the phone for magnification? That would be helpful for me, as I work with residents in my office.

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