Egomaniac | Doctor Who Scene Reenactment

What’s wrong? I dunno. Maybe the smell? I know, it’s everywhere. Where did you get that coat? –I bought it.
–From where? –Uh… A shop.
–No. It might’ve been a tramp. You don’t have any money. I… I had a watch. No! That watch was beautiful. It was my favorite. You swapped your favorite watch for that coat? Yeah, that’s maybe not a good trade. Well, I was in a rush! There was a terrible smell. Okay. No… No. Don’t. Don’t smile. I will smile first, and then you will know it’s safe to smile. –Are you cross with me?
–I am not cross! But if I were, it would be your fault, and… –Yeah, I am cross.
–I guessed that. I am extremely cross. And, if I didn’t get a new face, would you be cross? I would be cross if I weren’t cross! –Why?
–“Why”? An ordinary person, wants to meet someone they know… …very well for lunch. What do they do? Well, they probably get in touch and suggest lunch. Mm-hmm, okay. And what sort of person… …would put a cryptic note in a newspaper ad? Well, I’d rather not say. Oh, go on, do, say. I would say that person was an… …Egomaniac, needy, game-player, sort of person. Thank you. Well, at least that hasn’t changed. –No, I don’t suppose it ever will.
–No, I don’t suppose it will either. Clara, honestly, I don’t want you to change. It was no trouble, really. I saw your ad, I figured it out, and I was happy to play your game. No, I didn’t place the ad. You placed the ad. No, I didn’t. Yes, you placed the ad, and I figured it out. See? Impossible Girl. Lunch. No, look, the Impossible… That is a message FROM the Impossible Girl. FOR the Impossible… Girl. Oh! If neither of us placed that ad… who placed that ad? Hold on! “Egomaniac, needy, game-player”? –This could be a trap.
–That was me? –Never mind that.
–Yes, I am minding that. –Clara.
–You were talking about ME? Clara, what is happening right now, in this restaurant, to you and me… …is more important than your egomania. NOTHING is more important than my egomania! Right, you actually said that! You never mention that again! Don’t forget to click below to subscribe to my unofficial YouTube channel.

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