Efficient Hospital Logistics at the New Children’s Hospital Helsinki | Kardex Remstar:

We take care of the entire Helsinki region’s children
and also have national responsibilities,
for example all pediatric organ transplants,
pediatric heart surgery and so on.
In the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki we have 4 Kardex units.
We have 2, called the “big ones”,
that store medical equipment, aid equipment and beds.
They have a large access opening to the floor level.
Then we have 2 of the smaller ones
that mostly store hospital supplies.
The automats open up on different floors
and go from the bottom to the top.
We have a total of 9 floors in this hospital
and height of the automats is 38 meters.
One of the many advantages of this Kardex storage system
is that we wanted to cut down the storage space
and dedicate all the possible square meters to clinical tasks.
The automat has access openings to all floors,
so we can have all hospital supplies stored in one place.
We also wanted to get nurses time to the patient care so they don’t have to go around and look for things and equipment. It is all are stored in the automats and it’s easy to find for the nurses.

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