Eden Medical Center – Labor & Delivery

This is one of our labor
and delivery rooms. Take a look around. The rooms are large
and spacious, with lots of natural light and
views of the outdoors. Each room is completely
private, with its own bathroom and shower. There’s a comfy, completely
adjustable bed for mom, and seating for visitors who
can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family. See that couch? It opens up into a sleeper
for a spouse or adult guest to stay overnight. Don’t be surprised if we even
fluff your pillow for you. Next to the bed, see
the computer station? That provides your
caregiver secure access to your electronic
health record, so you have peace
of mind knowing that everyone on your
team is up to date with your medical history
and specific needs. Throughout your stay,
there is always a team of highly trained and
experienced nurses and staff available to support you
through the laboring process. Over to the side, you’ll
see the baby warming unit. Many of our babies don’t
need to use the warmer, because we encourage
skin-to-skin bonding right after delivery. This is the golden
hour for mom and baby to establish
breastfeeding and bonding. Our team is trained to support
your feeding preferences and assist you with
breastfeeding guidance, if desired. Our goal at Sutter
Health is to create a comfortable, safe,
supportive environment for you to rest and relax,
as much as possible, while you’re having your baby. Call or click today
to set up a tour and we’ll happily answer any
questions you might have.

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