Eastside Medical Center – Joint Destinations

(fast upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the
Joint and Spine Pavilion at Eastside Medical Center, home to our Joint Destinations program. Our 17 bed, private unit
offers every patient the luxury of a private
room with sleeper sofa accommodations for your loved one, or coach, as we like to call them. This unit was uniquely designed
around our goal to deliver quality in-patient healthcare
in a hotel-like environment with non-traditional
hospital accommodations. Spacious private bathrooms,
flat screen televisions, bamboo floors, a private dining room, and private joint gym
for therapy sessions, as well as a dedicated concierge desk are just a few of the fine
details that we included. When considering joint
replacement surgery, you may have anxiety around what to expect and the required stay in a hospital. At Eastside Joint Destinations
we eliminate the guesswork and are committed to providing
the most comprehensive collaborative and progressive care to minimize your length of stay while achieving quality outcomes
and getting you back to living the active
lifestyle that you deserve. Every patient’s journey to
and through joint replacement is different and that’s why
at Eastside Joint Destinations we provide a dedicated
joint care coordinator to help navigate you through the process. – Early in the morning
we do get our patients up and I come in, I check on them, I let them know from that time what time their physical
therapy is going to be, whether or not they will be
involved with our group lunch which is with our physical therapist where we still do an educational piece, things to think about at home, transferring in and out of the car, and an individual session
with the physical therapist. Or we walk down with
them to group therapy. I enjoy being a part of
the group therapy sessions. Truly it is a time that most of our patients are out of their room, they’re able to see other
patients on the floor, being able to laugh and kind
of get out of that mind frame while they’re doing
their physical therapy. So truly it’s therapeutic for a little bit of everybody on the floor. It’s a good time to kind of have that bond with the patient and
truly get to know them. – [Narrator] Our multidisciplinary team of specialized nurses,
physical therapists, and board certified orthopedic
surgeons collaborate daily to review your progress
and deliver the most effective quality care
for you individually. This is why Eastside Joint Destinations has been awarded both the Blue Cross Blue Shield Distinctions award and the Joint Commission
Disease Specific accreditation. – I thought it was an awesome experience. They were excellent, I did
receive excellent care here. The staff was very knowledgeable. Whether be the nurses, who
also was very concerned about my well-being, my safety, and also about my pain management. The physical therapists were very, they worked very diligently
with me during my physical therapy classes
that I had at least twice a day while I was
here in the hospital. So they definitely work to get you up on specifically that first day of surgery and get you up and movin’
to help avoid complications. I thought they were very well organized and I would highly recommend
it to anyone in the future that needed to have this
type of surgery done. – [Narrator] We understand
that you may be considering joint replacement surgery
and simply wanna learn more about the journey with our team at Eastside Joint Destinations before making that final decision. Our joint care coordinator
is here to help with this. Jess can be reached at 404-274-7179 or you can also visit our
website at eastsidemedical.com for more information and to
review our patient guidebooks. (soft soothing music)

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