Eastside Medical Center – Joint Destinations, Patient Testimonial

my name is Lorraine and I was in need of a joint replacement Specifically [my] right knee I’ve had problems over the past several years where my joints were deteriorating It was affected my function. It was affecting my mobility I chose east side Medical center because I Researched and looked at different surgeons who would be able to drive me through the procedure I’ve heard a lot of good things about this was the hospital itself and I needed someone who also was willing to work with me to provide and Also improve my my health status the pre-Op class I felt was wonderful. They were very informative they were very pleasant They took you through a well guided tour of the hospital the joint and spine center of what to expect during your procedure During your surgery is forced a joint replacement. The pre-Op class helped me because Jessica told us what to expect we’ve also Gotten written written material so that helped alleviate a lot of fears and concerns that I had and that Way when I had surgery I knew to expect and what’s going to happen with any type of surgery I’m always concerned about you know what type of anesthesia. You’re going to have Are you going to have any complications from it? How much pain would you be having after the procedure because it’s volatile joint which is a very important part of the body We do have a room in an option and during a pre-Op class. I did designate my daughter onda bheja to stay with me doing this time of need because that way I had a family member who would help with the Healing process who would help give me the support? Who also be there for me to also help the room for any little needs? I may have that she can did I thought was an awesome experience? They were excellent. I did receive excellent care here There’s not the staff is very knowledgeable Whether it be the nurses who also was very concerned about my well-being my safety and also about my pain management The physical therapists were very varied they worked very diligently with me. I’m doing my physical therapy classes that I had At least twice a day while I was here in the hospital So they definitely worked to get you up on specifically that first day of surgery and get you up and moving to help Avoid Complications, I thought they were very well organized And I would highly recommend it to anyone of the future that needed to have this type of surgery done you

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