Eastside Medical Center – Inpatient Rehabilitation

(uplifting music) – [Narrator] Eastside
Inpatient Rehabilitation at Eastside Medical Center South Campus is designed to help people overcome the effects of a stroke, hip fracture, trauma or other debilitating
injury or illness and get back to enjoying
an independent lifestyle. You will receive the most compassionate and comprehensive care, individually designed for
you and your unique needs. Our multidisciplinary care team of physical therapists,
occupational therapists, speech therapists and
specially trained rehab nurses collaborate to deliver each patient’s customized rehabilitation plan. – I couldn’t have had a better experience. I would recommend Eastside rehab to anybody that needs those services because they did an
outstanding job for me. – [Narrator] Each patient receives an individualized care plan and daily physician interaction, that is critical to achieving
the best quality outcomes. – I think we do an exceptional job of getting people home
in a timely fashion, and that’s something
that we can brag about because the numbers support it. We have an extremely high
rate of home discharge and an extremely low
rate of complications. It’s not one physician calling the shots, it’s a group of professionals
looking at the big picture. – [Narrator] All of our patients enjoy the comfort of private rooms, with sleeper sofas
available for loved ones, and 24/7 visiting hours. We encourage a team environment
to boost your recovery, and welcome the company and encouragement of your loved ones during therapy in our state-of-the-art private gym, or activities of daily
living private apartment and throughout your care. At Eastside Inpatient Rehab we understand that your road to recovery continues when you leave our facility, and we provide you with
the tools that you need to continue your progress
once you’re home. We will assist you with education, equipment needs, disease management, diet, home setup, social
and emotional needs, as well as home exercise programs to help you successfully
transition to home. Contact one of our patient
navigators at (678) 491-7821. Or (678) 776-9895. Or visit our website for more information at eastsidemedical.com. (uplifting music)

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