Eastside Medical Center – Inpatient Rehabilitation, Patient Testimonial

(upbeat music) – My name is Steve Bryant
and this is my wife Ranelle. I actually had a severe stroke at home. I had four blood clots in
my heart and they moved to the right side of my brain
and I came in on the 21st and then came to rehab
about four days later. Doing the simple things that
we take for granted, like putting on your shoes and
tying your shoes became an effort that you had to
relearn almost everything that they gave you in therapy
so you were relearning what you already knew and trying
to fine tune those skills. I couldn’t walk for probably
four weeks in here by myself and now I’m walking a mile a day. I’m getting along great but
it’s all to the training they gave me prior to me being discharged. Everything they designed was
again, to get you prepared to reenter society and
not have any issues. The people that work here
enjoy what they do and they’re professionals and they’re
very good at what they do. My goal was to get home with my family and get back to what I would
consider normal life and they encouraged me of what
I had to do to do that and I did it. Everybody was killing
me with kindness, care, and I actually became part
of the family and I couldn’t of had a better experience. I would recommend Eastside
Rehab to anybody that needs those services because they
did an outstanding job for me.

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