East Heights Family Care

Hi, I’m Russ Johnson, CEO for LMH Health. I want to share with you some exciting news
that we have released recently and that’s about the expansion of primary care services
in East Lawrence. We are working with Independence, Inc., to
locate a primary care office that we call East Heights Family Care and we will be working
with Independence, Inc., to reconfigure about 1000 square feet and moving primary care,
both a physician and an advanced practice nurse, into that location. It’s right on the bus lines, it’s easy access,
a beautiful building, room for expansion in the future if we needed to, so we’re just
thrilled about that. We have, for two years now, had a strategic
plan that is looking to build access to care across our community, working with our existing
providers and helping them expand their clinic, but also looking at places in our community
that don’t have access to primary care as conveniently as they need it. Out of that conversation came a realization
that we really need more primary care access in East Lawrence, serving that community and beyond. We think we’ve really made the right decision
with this, partly because we’ve had so much great community support for this new clinic. Our Endowment Association has already raised
over $150,000 to help us build this clinic out and then to support it in future years. So we’re just really excited about being in
that community and bringing primary care medicine and support to those families right
in their neighborhood.

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