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ken thanks for coming we appreciate it now you want to get that left ear check that’s the one that doesn’t use a hearing aid no and that one does like a hearing aid in this this is all right that was all right so we’ll just work on the left where you have some wax blocking it yeah laughing man okay let’s see if we can get that out just with a curette so this oftentimes will do the job and we’ll see what we get here it comes out like that so we got a little bit of it there you some other that’s a little bit well we’ll get a little more aggressive as we go are you in the clan so we’re able to very very gently get some wax out which is always a favorite way to do it just going straight irrigation can be bad if a patient has a ruptured eardrum for example and you don’t know and they don’t know so we’re going to get a little bit more that out because I can see it so well you seeing that canal and see that wax yeah look at that can oh good see there is wax in there alright so with that well let’s take another quick look here and see so this gives us light in there it electrically get some more wow this is such an easy curettage what can your making an easy for me it’s usually a lot harder than this I’m sorry let’s let’s get a little bit more I’m just trying to get more and I pull it out even more look at that do you have any use for this other like think maybe now is that a place where we can look in there a little bit more of those little piece right there but ok so now we’ll take a look in there with the light this goes inside of your ear inside of the left ear thank you for money inside of the left ear it’s still quite quite impacted with wax even after taking that out yeah we’re going to although I do believe I see the eardrum way in there I think I’m seeing it let’s see how much more we can get with this oh they may have helped let’s get all that awesome a curette maybe those nice folks at bionics will give me some more curette now it may be at the limit of what i can get a curette because it’s pretty deep oh look at that another one oh this is going well all right I didn’t expect you can get that I can see some right here just a little flake I’m going to hold it here there’s peace like a deal all right let’s go again we get that up there do you feel that can yeah up at the top ok you gentle in the top I’m making it that well there we go every time I think I can’t get it comes out oh I hear you hearing ain’t going there is it if you’re hearing any better yet no not yet okay it’s still in there why it’s small amounts but it comes out I was deep in there oh my where did that come from here that another big piece why ok now after now let’s let’s see I just get surprised at how it just keeps coming more and more and more towards it ok this mean time to check with the camera in the ear here we go again we’re going to take a look and really look in there and see thank you and he’ll live in a wax there but to really go into the left ear and see there’s quite a bit way deep in there and well actually that might be just a little accumulation on the eardrum at this point we may not get a lot more out but if you say you’re hearing still isn’t back to normal there you can tell already it’s better yeah now have you ever had a hole in that ear drum or head on operation on it we’ll take a look inside again this is left ear and that it looks like a big rock kind of stuck way in there so we’re going to go ahead and irrigate let’s see who has the hearing aid do you have it can I have you hold the hearing aid differently it’s making a noise there we go that works thanks oh alright can if you’re ready we’ll start it’s going to be loud ok yeah alright let’s take this away it looks like it cleaned out some you can see how some got in there little bit little bit not too impressive looks a little different on the left year after the first Eurasian not not in focus but yeah it’s moving around nicely fact I might be able to grab that let me see that’s pretty deep in there let’s do that well let’s try it let’s see if maybe that is just close enough yeah it did with something more in view oh like that just got on it okay yeah that was an easy one and i can see another part of it along the top there more and more and more all right now I’m looking way deep in there these are the magnifier of the curette I’m gonna go look closer clear and something have that light all the way in there like that let’s take a look with this again this is after a little bit of curettage after just one washing with the Waterpik and they’re still wax in there here we go what did you say it hurt did you say it hurts go ahead ok this is that better yeah that sounds like I’m done you can see there’s a lot of flakes coming out in ok so after the second lavage after the second lavage we’ll stick the camp oh look at that it’s just it’s wanting to come out so let’s get the curette and help it along whoa you see that one yeah they’re coming aren’t they can have you ever had this done before no never needed it before huh any idea why it happened this time had you been sticking anything in there like a q-tip or a lot of q-tips in the ear yeah I think they kind of blocked a pact attend rather than cleaning it out sometimes that can happen Thanks so after a kir tahj after the second lavage we look in and we see an eardrum yay a little bit of wax around it but I’d be hesitant to get any more aggressive on this because certainly not with the curette can you hear any better yeah there was a little of wax back there against part of the eardrum and I can wash that out with another tool to not like the way that it can hear someone is it as good as it was before I got blocked yes it’s better than good better than was before the before I did this but as good as it was before it got blocked yeah yeah okay so if it’s back to its baseline design as much as you know it is now yeah okay if it’s as good as it gets we won’t do anything more to it if you wanted us to try to get that little bit look out that still in there I can I can set up another system to wash it out but I don’t expect you’re going to hear any better leave it like okay we’ll do that then okay you go hey thanks for joining it if you enjoy videos like this make sure you’re subscribed if you want to see more behind the scenes you can get on patreon thank you can so much for doing this thanks for watching until next time dr. Vaughn telling you to stay in good health all right that’s the whole thing

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  1. i can't get any ear doctor to clean my ear out,cause im on medicare and Medicaid.
    I'm basically deaf in my left ear and always feels fullness in it.
    to trick my brain i keep cotton in it to keep from getting irritated and fussy .

    Why don't ear doctors do wax removal on people who are on medicare and Medicaid?
    I been suffering for 8yrs now.

  2. I like your videos but what is that stuff on the outside of the ear? anyway I just think using the suction would make it less painful for the gentleman whose ear is getting cleaned out. thank you for your reply and GOD bless.

  3. This is the wax that never endsIt just goes on and on my friendsHe started cleaning itNo knowing how deep it goesHe'll be cleaning foreverThe wax just grows and growsBecause…

  4. This guy is adorable, I want to give him so many hugs, he reminds me of my grandfather. 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. The whole time I was wishing the camera would show the inside of the blue dish and the paper where the wax was being wiped off so I could see what was removed all together.

  6. Have a hard time watching the waxy ear when you're squeezing the pimple on his eaŕlobe every time you touch it! Arrgh 😕😯😞😠

  7. Even though the patient wanted to stop because his hearing was back at its normal level I think his hearing could've been better did you see all that was left all around it I just wish he would've let you try that to see if he could've gotten better

  8. I love how you are with elderly patients! Where can I buy one of those scopes that hooks onto the phone camera? I would use that everyday to look in my ears!

  9. Every time you decide to use the irrigation I squeal of happiness. It's just so satisfying to see the wax washed out. God, I'm weird.

  10. Great video and I really really love the way you work with your patients. You're very polite kind and sweet with them, just the kind of doctor I would want to go to if need be! You're always concerned about their safety and well-being and you take the time to make sure that they're comfortable and not in any pain. Just like all doctors need to be doing. Thanks for a great video. It's always great pleasure to watch you work!

  11. why don't you use the little vacuum tube anymore and the Jackson horn ? you use to clean those ears thoroughly , now it is frustrating

  12. Loved the "Dr. Pimple Popper of ear wax" comment! 🙂 Maybe you should do a collab with her (or Enilsa, Josefa, etc). I think a lot of popping enthusiasts would appreciate the content too. For me, the appeal of watching these vids is seeing something nasty removed from the patients' bodies, which is super relaxing. Feels like something good is happening in the world, lol.

  13. Haa no i kept wondering why it wasn't removed. Superficial me ha. The battery operated water irrigation the Dr used looks like it would hurt like heck. I used to have the wax driven out of my ears twice a year till I was in my 20's. I hated it, it was painful. The last time I had it pulled out I was in my 50's. I couldn't help saying it really hurt, I was upset with myself for being a wimp, especially after having all natural childbirth with both of my two children.
    Anyway after the procedure was done and I realized I was alive I relaxed. Then I felt something on my ear and neck. The word Blood flew out of my usually timid mouth. The Dr spun around looking shocked and took care of it. As for ME I felt avenged. I had my pride back saying, there I knew it was hurting worse this time for some reason. I don't know the reason for that bleeding I didn't ask, I guess it was enough for me just saying I told you it hurt. And she, the Dr felt bad although not much info was offered as to why it happened. 💕

  14. Great video,one of the best for ear wax but surely your budget could stretch for a tie up protector gown instead of using a clothes peg!

  15. Good thing I am not a doctor! I would have picked at that until it was clean! Sometimes less is more, esp when working around an ear drum. Glad he can hear again. I might feel a little unsatisfied, but that's my neurosis, lol.

  16. YEAH!!! SUCCESS!!! 2 days n 2 videos later, good going Doc!!! N glad to Ken can hear after that massive amt of wax that was in there! I could watch these n zit/cyst vids all day long! Lol! There's a sense of satisfaction that goes along with getting it all out. Kudo Doc for hanging in there n Thnx Ken!!!

  17. Doc, is it normal to never, ever get ANY wax out? Ever if u have tried oil loosen it up or tried peroxide wash? Can a person never make or have wax?

  18. Am I the only one who can hear the high pitched ring? I'll admit I raised my left hand to signal I could hear it… 👂🏻

  19. That last bit that came out was making me crazy. Such a tease! I thought hmmmm I would have grabbed the needle nosed pliers by now, lol! Get out of that ear!

  20. This is driving me nuts omg yuk please clean that's driving me nuts.thats a lot in there lol.😱😱😃😜😜

  21. I love the ear wax removals, they are the gift that keeps on giving!! 🎁👂. * had to go to my Dr. today for a sinus infection and bronchitis (no worries, get them all the time) and I got my ears cleaned out…it felt so good. My poor daughter was with me and she was in awe! She took pictures! Now the entire Senior class will see the gross contents of my ears😂😂😂

  22. He has the most beautiful bedside manners and the cutest patients, but I think he could be more agressive with the curattage. Comparing him with the other doctors they seem more confident with the usage of the  ear wax cleaning tools. If I was a patient of his I would not feel like my ears were completly cleaned.He "always" leaves some good portion of wax on his patient's ears.

  23. Ken is so cute lol. I love how you are so sweet to all of your patients. I love the older patients though I just love old people. This is my husbands account my name is Ally.

  24. Omg sweetest patient ever, and Doc we should all be so lucky to have one like you in every town. Great bed side Manor great attitude love it 😁

  25. Such a sweet man and as much as I wanted it all out, I've had it irrigated and scraped out before and it is PAINFUL so I'm glad you did enough to make him feel better!

  26. Bless his heart and his ear! I was paying more attention to you Dr. Vaughan than I was to Ken. The more of the waxy material you took out the more excited you seemed to become. I've said this before and I'm going to say it again, you are so awesome, so good to your patients and you are a Spectacular Dr. Period!
    I do wish we could clone you! You are simply the best!

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