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welcome back we are going to do is we’re going to do an earwax removal for me cut Oh welcome because it’s your first time on our youtube channel but you’re not actually my patient though you just come here for the year just the ear there was a patient who didn’t hear well and he got hearing aids and I asked him after you got them in a few weeks later how he liked them he said they’re wonderful I’ve changed my will for x we’re looking and what we’re seeing is some kind of dark wax not from hair color this time we’re going to get that out of there you remember this just put it in there and I’ve actually changed my technique due to the last two patients of not having it in all the way it’s going to be loud sometimes a bit of a shock we go I guess so generally will take about three of these wow that’s one yeah real coming up alright we’ll take a look here see what what are we done sold like a fast point like gold nugget here 40 name she could feel that little into too much this kind of thing dr. Greene using the other was so firmly attach it like it’s not coming off that I’ve got the string just endless string of flexible come up we’ll break there we go so that’s hardly anything else we Ya Allah team’s site it was yeah yeah I was we’re not putting back in the home you know you don’t ok we don’t look at this let’s look inside again let’s see what now we got past that oh look at that looks like we hardly got anything there my computer drum now that’s good now you can kill in here where does make a live look she felt it was pulling it out I didn’t touch it was actually pulling in the yeah through this isn’t good kinda like a ribbon just just catching the wax is the response that looks like the last little ribbon let’s look and see don’t know if you can hear any better there is an intact eardrum though yeah let’s see if we get that little flake out of the way that is beautiful that’s a clear your canal and intact transparent your drum hey thanks for joining us with making here that was a good week haha ribbons of stuff out of there if you enjoy things like that please do subscribe and also hit a little bell icon to make sure you get notified of future videos until next time making myself telling you to stay in good health thanks makeup

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  1. How does the water work i also think i might need one i used those cotton tips and some madefatuim to go in my ears and it still doesnt stop can someone reply to me so i can know whats going on in my ear also i have hearing loss from it sometimes amd im only 11…

  2. Sweet elderly lady, reminds me of my own Grandmother. You seem to have a good percentage of elderly patients on your books. I love how you treat them. So warm and friendly. With a healthy dose of TLC..

  3. So…this is what it has come to…the ol clinical video. I remember when You Tube was fun and regular people documented their own treatments & etc. But you see…the medical world and insurance companies shook their finger at Google/YouTube – no, no, no – don't give people the idea that can fix themselves – put them back into our greedy hand. So, Google/you tube tore down all the home videos of regular people….for this.
    Corporations are an infectious disease.

  4. When I saw that ear drum I was just remembering when my little brother shoved a zip tie so for in my ear that it hurt my ear drum and brought me to tears

  5. Where can I find this type of tools? Please help a brother out. I really need to get my ears clean I've been having lots and lots of pain. Please reply as soon as you can. Much love and respect !

  6. everyone has this amount of cerumen in the ear .. It's just that it is well distributed on the walls .. When it's muddy in it is that in general a part take off, packed inward ;. I once had the badjoke by tilting my head under the water. Resulat I had a cap .. And I suddenly remove all the cap, so all the cerumen .. With water oxigener to soften .. And a big syringe or the tip is the size of the orifice;. and it was top .. After that tickles some day because not protection in the ear ..

    tout le monde a cet quantité de cerumen dans l'oreille.. C'est juste que c'est bien reparti sur les parois.. Quand çà bouchone en c'est qu'en general une partie ses decoller , tassé vers l'interieur;. J'ai une fois eu la blague en penchant ma tete sous l'eau;. Resulat j'ai eu un bouchon.. Et j'ai du coup enlever tout le bouchon, donc tout le cerumen.. Avec de l'eau oxigener pour faire ramolir.. Et une grosse seringue ou le bout fait la taille de l'orifice;. et c'était top.. Apres çà chatlouille quelque jour car plus de protection dans l'oreille..

  7. Omg i was so shocked when i heard Mika! Thats my name 🙂 and ive never known anyone with my name but me and a couple athletes lol. The only thing i hear really is mica and everyone that meets me calls me mica all the time its so annoying haha. That made me so happy 😀 <3

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