hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching at you actionable video today I’ve got two patients in the compilation first patient this one’s come through with a bit of ear wax in both sides the first side we’ve already cleared out but we’ve got to come back for a follow-up so we haven’t put that video in this one but this is the second you know the patient hasn’t had any difficulties with this ear whatsoever but when we took a look in there we could see there was a really large ear wax plug so what we’re doing first of all is using the standard sized zoellner tube just to loosen this off the ear canal wall because there was a gap around the ear wax the patient really hadn’t noticed any hearing issues which is the most common reason that people come through to see us so they know they’ve got a ear wax issue but you’ll be shocked just to see how large this plug is what it actually comes out so what we’re doing now is just because we got the plug quite loose we’re going to go in with the Jobson home we can’t go in too deep so we’re just going in at the front section they’re just pulling that away maybe I can see it’s quite a squishy section in the middle there you can see the dent and the groove that the jobs in the hole has caused this we’re just going to push into the bottom portion of this ear wax now we’re hoping that the outer section of actually be quite hard I may pull the whole thing out but as we can see it’s just broken another section away from the front so now we used to go a little bit further in you can see I’m just working along the side there just taking little pieces away now we can get a really good view of that bottom end so what I’m going to do now is just lift up look from the base I’m just seeing if we can unstick but you can see it’s really still quite stuck back on our wall so we’re just gonna take this friend down the way there introduce a little bit of olive oil now because obviously you could see that front it was really sticky and really stuck to the ear canal wall so I’m just trying to lift that thin section that’s pressed against the ear canal wall there away the area I know we can see we’ve detached that front end see how much more mobile that ear wax is now we can move up and down really easily just trying to get down on the one side of this so we can leave this out that broke away at the front end there so we’re going to go back in with the Jobson horn now we know the ear wax is just a little bit looser we’re gonna aim for that harder older section see if we can dig into that there we go and then bring this forward so you can see how much more easily that slides along the ear canal wall no there’s a little bit of olive oil in there we’ve got it right to the front end now so we’re just gonna go above this plug pushing down and in and then pulling this whole thing forwards maybe I got a good grip on this now what crashed into the camera and there we are that whole thing came out in one go and you take a look at that eardrum is perfect good light reflex everything that’s really healthy look at the size of that plug that was just over a centimetre and a half oh but was sent buried in three quarters actually in length that one plug on its own which is oh my goodness me just over half a day juggling all of that it’s not quite three quarters which I don’t think anyway so you can see just how large that plug was and that patient was completely unaware they had that in their ear because there was that little gap there as long as it’s not pressing against the ear canal wall too hard then you won’t get the sensation that you’ve got anything in the ear either so this is the second patient the compilation now this lovely gent has ear wax in both ears so we’re using the standard size on the tube here just to give this a bit of a clear out very light coloured ear wax usually means there’s a little bit of skin in there as well a little bit of dry skin so you can see we’ve got a good grip there now on the bottom section we’re trying to pull it away from the left hand ear canal wall because it’s quite stuck there so if we can pull that away they’re just slowing us down so as we pull on this now you’ll see that we are the long strip up the dry skin makes with dry ear wax in there so as we pull this you can see it comes out quite a bit comes out in one go then you can see it’s brought the next section to the entrance of the ear canal so we’re gonna stay with the there’s on the tube now at the moment because it is getting this out just trying to wiggle this you can some lose with issues with this sort of dry skin bit it can really hold on to the ear canal wall so you end up with a it’s very difficult to pull this away with suction tube sometimes so sometimes you have to switch to crocodile forceps or something like the old sometimes our jobs and horns help to remove this now what we have here is a section of ear wax but around the outside there is lots of sort of flaps of dry skin which are holding this section in so you can see we’re trying to pull on this front section here that’s still attached to part of it behind so we’re just going to go in now with the crocodile forceps just to grab onto that little ledge of ear wax just there as we pull that you’ll see it’ll take that dry piece of skin away at the base and take a chunk of the front end of this ear wax away at the same time now we’re starting to get to this section of ear wax now it’s a little bit deeper in you can see there’s a small gap just above it let’s keep removing some of this dry skin though which is sitting in front of it because it is going to just impede that ear wax moving down the ear canal so as we try and get a grip you’ll see what I mean now see it’s pulled in this the skin from the right ear canal wall there and you can see at the base of the camera that you can see just to the bottom left hand corner there’s another section of dry skin there just flicked up a little bit there at the top of the ear canal as well so you’ve got these three sections of dry skin which are going to hold everything in place so I’ve just pulled it across to the the right hand side of the ear canal wall to allow us together a grip on here with the crocodile forceps really trained to reposition this bit of dry skin it tends to be really sticky when it’s this colour the skin that peels away from the ear canal so when you’re using crocodile for so sometimes what you’ll get a grip on a section you’ll only break a little bit off but you’ll go in for the next section and the piece that’s still stuck to the jaw of the force that will actually stick to the white ad the skin that you’re trying to take away so we’ve got a good grip there now you can see that section pulling away there from GST in front of that piece of white so you can see why that was holding it in place you can see there’s still a little bit just curling up every so often but I think that’s more ear wax than skin so looking for any place we can get a bit of purchase on this ear wax now trying to lift from the base if we can you can see how sticky this is there we go now as we lifted you see that whole section just shift back slightly another bit of dry skin there now which is just causing a couple of issues so we’re just gonna nip that away give me up and then we’re gonna go back in with a section now a good grip on that side section you can see more skin peeling away there on the left-hand side as well that’s actually looking like it’s come quite far you can see right though that unravel did you see how that pulled towards the camera then so it was all bunched up round that ear wax you can see why that slowed the progress of the ear wax down the ear canal what I had done that Danny you ear canal there you know just trying to even for this flap of skin at the top there we are that’s broken away now now we should be able to get in there now and get a good grip on this back section of ear wax here just holding on to the one side of it here we go you can see it’s starting to slowly move down the ear canal so we’re bringing this forward trying to find a really good place to get a good suction grip on this ear wax you can see we’ve got that flat section there to the one side just slowly wiggling this down we’ve got a nice gap there the ear wax is close to the entrance to the ear canal Jobson horn can come into play now quite safely and effectively so we just flicked the ear wax over and I would get them behind that rear section there we go starting to come away it’s broken the front end away you can see as we pull this out just how dry this ear wax is so it’s actually crumbling apart as we take this away there we go it’s actually lots of little pieces bound together now obviously when they’re inside the ear canal like this those pieces are held together quite effectively by the ear canal walls but as you bring it to the entrance then all those pieces are able to move a little bit more freely so it opens out you can see the ear drum there looking a little bit a little bit grey little bit dull so this is the patient’s second ear now this looks like there’s a few different pieces they’re all lodged together we have a piece at the base of the ear canal we’ve got a couple at the top there’s a tiny gap there which will be allowing some sound through so we’re gonna aim for this bottom section here let’s see if we can lift this piece out because if that slides out there it means we’ve got a bit more movement to the two pieces above there we go that’s coming out really nicely now if we look at the section above there now we should be able to pull that down into the ear canal if we can get a good enough grip on that you can see a little bit of dry skin there holding that piece in as well there we go that pieces come away and then you can see we’ve got a top section there that needs to come down there we are and then we look further in we’ve got a very deep piece we’ve got a flap of skin at the top of the ear canal wall there let’s see if we can get past that skin now to get to this last piece sitting just in from the eardrum so just slowly working the way there we are slowly working your way down until it the suction the force of the suction pulls the ear wax towards you if you’re going to avoid pressing into the ear wax when it’s sitting down on top of the eardrum like that not only is it uncomfortable for the patient but you do run the risk of perforation to the eardrum as well you can see the eardrum they’re a little bit dull so this is what we removed you can see all these dry crumbly pieces of ear wax they were got up to four centimetres so just bunched it all together to make it a bit easier to show you just over an inch and a half there so quite a bit in that side as well thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’re not subscribed already you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more our videos they’re also updated now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care


  1. Hey Mr. Barber your inch scale is marked in 1/16" after 1". Before 1" it is marked in 1/32" and 1/16". So just count the lines 1/2" = 8/16" which I'm sure you know. Ha ha

  2. Rhys Barber : E-suction ?
    E-suction : Present !
    Rhys Barber : Jobson Horn ?
    Jobson Horn : Present !
    Rhys Barber : Crocodile Forceps ?
    Crocodile Forceps : Present !
    Rhys Barber : Ok guys, here we go !

  3. Another great video Mr.B! May I ask, why haven’t you monetized your channel? Is there some policy against it that I’m ignorant of? You provide great content & education. I feel you should be earning off your time & effort.

  4. WOW! Awesome video, Rhys! Love the skin pulls and clumps of wax!!
    According yo my doctor, I don’t have anything in my ears, but if I did, I’d like for you to clean them!!!

  5. Mr Barber, I wish all audiologist would watch your work. Very kind words, expertise removal, knowing when to use Olive oil, it always works for you. You sir are the best! Thanks for sharing your work with us all

  6. The long pieces of skin ribbons coming from the ears looks like something from the TV show Monsters Inside Me 😬

  7. Serving Up For Us, Sausage + Pasta (Skin Strips,) For Supper, Tasty Video! Loved this, a Great Menu, with Varied Cutlery!

  8. That first removal 🀯 I have no words. Absolutely amazing job as always! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! πŸ€—

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  10. That second patients ears were exciting. I enjoy a bit of skin peels myself!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That was really some sized plug in the first ear we watched. Strange how it didn't annoy him?? Thanks for the new downloads Mr B. Much love. mmm67πŸ˜ƒπŸ’œπŸ¦Ž

  11. My hero 🐊this was an awesome show of them today πŸ™ƒπŸ₯°πŸŠπŸ’—πŸŠ thanks Mr B. Great narration too

  12. Me: that looks like a good leading edge

    My main man Rhys: we’ve now created a good leading edge.

    Me: hell yeah we have

  13. Mr Barber, you have told us several times the size of a typical adult ear canal, but some of your patients must have ear canals at least 6” long!!

  14. not sure if we were supposed to still say if there was ads during the video but I had one by the ad of the video about lame deodorant

  15. Why do you often not clear the wax or the skin from the opening of the canal first? It's often a case of going into the middle part of the canal and working the way back and then sometimes the video ends before the outer part gets cleaned up.

  16. 3:31 FYI on the usc side of the ruler, one tick mark is 0.03125in. There’s 32 ticks in one inch on a standard ruler.

  17. 😳 The first plug looked like a date! Same color and everything! That was so good!!! Always thankful to see a great vid.

  18. Holy cow! That was a lot of wax. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for slowing the video down a bit so we can see what is really happening. Great job, Rhys. Have a great weekend!

  19. Dr.Rhys, I was really impressed on how gentle and patient you are clearing those ears. Why do these patients have to wait until it piled up like that? Please let me understand this issue? Are they old?

  20. I want to say that I sent a message on facebook. It has with a photo that shows what each line on a inch ruler means. I hope Dr. Barber finds it helpful.

  21. Our newest waxaholic joined us on 5th of January at 00:31am after 16hrs of contractions. Miss Elsie Elizabeth, a very alerts and healthy little lady xx

  22. The first patient look like he had a cat poop in his ear, not sure how he wasn’t having an issue with his hearing 😝. Love the skin peels it amazes me how much wax and skin is bunched up in someone’s ears it’s such a small space.

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