hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much watch now you ear wax removal compilation video today so the first patient now compilation here has some very hard dry quite large plugs of ear wax in both ears so really having a lot of reduced hearing not really having any discomfort these are going to form perfectly to the shape of the ear canal wall so not really pressing against the ear canal walls as as some of the hard pieces of ear wax do so using the standard size on the tube here just to lift the base of this piece of ear wax off the ear canal just trying to unstick this front section here that way then it should allow us to start to move this piece of ear wax in one piece if we can so you can see the front end of the ear wax is quite hard but underneath you can see the ear wax is a little bit softer and there so there was a dry skin there as well which is what’s helped to anchor this into place so just aiming for the bottom of the ear wax they just lifting up slightly that helps to detach you can see now go a little bit of a gap underneath so that’s to attach the front front end there from the ear canal wall so now we’re going to pull down from this top left corner and top right that’s going to allow us to break away some of the adhesion there and now you can start to see there’s a little bit of movement to this ear wax there we go it’s on its way out so what I’m doing is we’re bringing out here is trained to maintain the suction grip just wiggling up and down which helps to maneuver it down the ear canal wall so it stops it from resting and sticking in place now obviously as we get a grip on the outside edge here we’re going to need to guide this out of the ear canal so what you’ll see is as I pull forwards because it’s quite a long piece of ear wax and it’s still coming out of the ear there it will rest against the the outer section of the ear here so I’m just going to shift position slightly this will give you a better view and then we’re going to hold on to the top of the ear wax which is quite smooth and quite soft use that to gently maneuver this out of the ear canal now while it’s still moving with the suction we’re not going to opt to put the jobs in horn in yet because we are still getting some movement here and because it’s perfectly formed to the shape of that entrance to the ear canal wall though is really blocking it up so what I don’t want to do is now we’ve got a bit of movement to this and we’ve actually brought this ear wax out to push a jobs in horn in and actually push it further in but you can start to see now it’s just millimeter by millimeter working its way out of this ear canal just maintaining that kind of wiggling motion because the outer section here though it’s soft it will be quite sticky and tacky so it just means that we can get this out without it sticking too much to the ear canal walls there we go you can see was quite a long piece that one very dark in colour so very old and dry ear wax we’ve got a little bit of dry ear wax here stuck to the top of the ear canal wall so we’ll just get the patient to tilt the head over slightly which gives us a better angle than to get this section here fine end is going on because we’re gonna be working really close to the ear canal wall to get rid of this yes slowly creeping our way down it’s got a grip on the outside edge there taking some of that dry skin away you can see the dryness of the skin in here it’s just peeling away there we are just lifted that flap down so let’s pull the rest of the way there we go there’s the eardrum there a couple little hairs in there from hair cuts they will come away with Barton’s show us those so you can see this is the same patient now but with the the second ear very similar looking a piece of ear wax but it does look see like lighter Ridge there does look at is a little bit of wetter softer ear wax underneath which is what gives it that lighter appearance and you’ll see as we go the griffin in here with the suction that as we lift you can see there’s a little bit more flexibility to the ear wax here so it’s not quite as tough and hardened up as the other side was and you can see where that lighter Ridge look is bending it’s much much softer that of a ear wax so I’m moving that across so that I can get to a harder darker piece of ear wax here good grip there we go there’s the grip we needed just shifting position so you can get a better view of this coming out there we are just wiggling pressing up and down from the top here slowly coaxing this ear wax out of the ear canal here we are just there we go you can see a couple little later patches that’s dry skin that’s imbedded into that ear wax there and come away nicely there’s the eardrum looking lovely and shiny and healthy so this is what we removed you can see we’ve got altogether more just under three centimetres worth and you go just about an inch and a quarter if you put both together so up half an inch each those you know just over half an inch each those those pieces so this next patient then this was quite an interesting one we took a look in this ear canal what I could see originally was a little Ridge of dry skin you can see you drum there there is some what appears to be some scarring on the ear drum patient has had quite a history of ear nose and throat problems over the ears so not unusual to see scarring so we’re going to just take away this Ridge of dry skin here you can see who actually picked up a little flake as we’ve got into the ear canal because we’re using the fine end I’m just gonna take that flake off we did clear another little piece out the other side just quickly before we did this one which is why there’s a little bit of soft soft ear wax at the entrance on this fine end but you can see as we left you’ll see the whole piece of skin lifts up there you go so we’re just going to detach that now take that away and then there’s quite a large flake of dry skin here at the entrance to the ear canals we’ll just take that away as well there we are now we can go ahead now and take a good look at this ear drum now I can see there’s a little bit of dead skin here to the left side another little flake of skin just going from the camera there so we’re gonna lift this section up here and key see how it peels away from the ear canal walls so we can see we’ve got quite a bit of dead skin around that eardrum okay certainly on the ear canal walls possibly going across the top of the drum as well as we pull you can see it starts to lift look across the top of the ear canal and across the top of the eardrum so we’re just going to get rid of this other little loose bit of skin here at the bottom of the ear canal let’s get rid of that piece there we go so what we’re gonna do now is aim for this top section here now when you get a good look at it sometimes you can get what they call a retraction pocket which forms in this top section but I don’t think we’re looking at a retraction pocket I think this is a lot of dead skin that’s clustered into a circle which is then formed a little indentation so just go gently a touch on this piece now just to see if we get some flexion yes we do so it’s definitely not there a retraction pocket this is definitely skin so you can see as we lift down there we go you can see it’s starting to peel away now from that right side of the ear canal wall there it goes peeling down the ear canal just across the top of the edge where you can see a little flappers lifted this we know this is loose skin here so what I’m going to do is to get the patient to tilt over a little bit which is going to give us a much better angle to get to this top section of skin just there so we should be able to get that now into the suction there we go as we pull down can you see it peeling a layer off that eardrums just starting to come we’ve peeled that rights SRU from right to left across the top of the eardrum there we’ve still got that little bit of loose skin here to the top right corner so let’s go that you could see the whole thing move then there you go it’s peeled off the top of the hammer bone there you can see some dead skin there to the right side being pulled along with it so we’ll take all of that away there we go that’s peeled across the drum down into that Valley that’s coming away now so we’ve just got this large flap now of skin that’s still connected at the base of the drum so we’ll just peel that away there we go so that whole thing was covering the ear drum we’ll just take a good look in there you can see now that you can see the Sheen you can it there’s still a bit of scarring on here and the ear drum itself a little bit retract because you can see that the tip of the hammer bone they’re just poking through a little bit more prominently than normally would do so we’re just gonna tidy up a little bit in here yeah you’ll see the top mark at the top of that hammer bone there for you and this is what we removed so you can see their long thin flaps of skin coming away there but patient much happier after that you very much fortunate with you today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us there’s always guys until the next time take care


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    Another great video diolch Rhys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  2. Yay! It’s Friday and we have a new video. Can’t get much better than that 🤗 Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

  3. What is your favorite Rhysism? Mine is tough as old boots! I'll turn the sound out of other wax videos and pretend that I can hear Mr. B.

  4. Wiggle-wiggle!!! Just amazing. 😁 …. Wonderful, wonderful video!!! Never disappointed …. Thank you so very much, Rhys. You're awesome! Love to the team! 🤗

  5. So much wiggle on the first person……..looked like a slug was pulled out of each ear!!!! And then topped of with a skin peel. Amazing. Thanks Rhys.

  6. The last video was very interresting to see,and it looks so satisfying for the patiënt,to Peel off all that loose skin,xoxo wendy

  7. Ok so I wondered what my tolerance limit was on ear wax removals. I think I found it when I played this in VR on the big screen. My advice, don't😀. Still a great removal so it gets a thumbs up from me.

  8. I love your videos so much, they’re so entertaining and educational 🙂 I was wondering though, what about taking a bath or shower helps hair come out of the ear canal?

  9. Imagine, showing your SO this video and being able to say “see it wasn’t that I wasn’t listening, how could I hear with that in there??”

  10. Rhys, is it normal to have one ear that makes clicking noises a lot? Sometimes I can even hear my own voice echoing in the same ear like I have a cold, but don't. Would you see an ear, nose, throat doctor for that or is it just normal? I am in the US in Illinois. I'm sure things are different there. I just don't know what kind of doctor to see. Love your videos. I look forward to them.

  11. I really love skin peels, my husbands ears itch so bad when he has dead skin in his ears. I very carefully take it out and he feels so much better. I wish he could come see you and get it done the right way. But Texas is just too far away. Thanks so much for being such a great Doctor!!

  12. I’d love you to check out my ears.most ENT doctors get all their students to check out my ear drums. They’re collapsed and heavily scarred from grommets that never helped. Was told I’d be deaf by the time I was 40. Luckily my hearing Hasn’t deteriorated since I was 20 I’m 37 now. My right ear is about 90% dead but my left ear is good enough for me to cope without a hearing aid. Unfortunately I still get glue ear occasionally which they tell me can’t be treated.

  13. Just a very quick question. Usually the video quality is available in 1060p but the last couple of videos I’m only able to get 720. Is this the case with everyone or is it just me? Love the videos by the way. Thank you for your time.

  14. Hi Rhys. Is this normal for a person to has those much earwax? It seems those earwax comes from middle section of ear canal, where you can't reach by q tip… But the outer section of ear canal seems to be clean.

  15. Skin : Brain? We have too much stuff in there, where can we store it?
    Brain : uh… just throw it in the ears, there’s an empty space to fill

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