hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching an ear wax removal compilation video today so we’ve got two patients in the compilation first patients come through you can see he’s got a bit of ear wax in here there is a little bit of a gap above it so it’s more an irritation of the ear rather than the reduction hearing that’s prompted the patient to come through so they have been using a little bit of olive oil which is where we got this blurring to the camera here so just give it a quick clean we’ve got the standard size on the tubing here so we’re just lifting from the base of the ear canal you can see that we manage the suck all the softer bits of ear wax around the outside edge in first of all and then we’re gonna work our way and try and lift up from this base of the ear canal here there we go is starting to get a little bit of movement to a piece of ear wax there just slow in the video down so you can see this get some of it’s getting sucked into the machine but as we’re Polly you can see it’s stretching and bringing the deeper ear wax down the ear canal so that piece we had a grip on then got sectioned in so we’ve gone back in now just to get a grip a bit further along here we are very soft piece of ear wax there coming away a little bit more still in here a little pieces a little bit deeper in and closer to the eardrum this we’re just gonna lift if we get a grip on this section it’s the back end of this is in that little valley we were talking about earlier so you can see that the ear wax in front of it is very soft this is more like a liquid kind of ear wax at the base of the ear canal and you’ve got this hardest very soft section there we’ve got a grip on a hard piece within it though so it just means we’re gonna be able to lift I’m just going back in to secure a good grip and there we are we’ve used I’ll go to that little Valley let’s take this piece weight you can see there’s a little bit of dry skin at the base that works as it came away now you can see we’ve got some redness and all these little red lines here if the eardrum is a little bit pulled in sometimes all the capillaries will come to the surface and the blood vessels come up the surface of the on top of the hammer bone which we’ve got those red striations those red streaks going down the side so this is the patient’s second EF much lighter coloured ear wax now you can see it’s got a very different colour to it where’s the last blast lot of ear wax was very dark which indicates it’s all there now I think this has got some skin in it because you can see this white line going around the outside edge of the ear wax now that to me looks like a almost like a sleeve of skin we’ve walked in the middle of it so we’re just trying to wiggle and move this down the ear canal we’ve got a little bit of a gap at the top there but as we pull you can start to see that we get this unraveling of the skin here so it’s really pulling forwards and and you can tell it is that sleeve as we pull there you can see this piece here just sticking out of the ear canal so we can get a good grip on this section there we are let’s peel that away then we’ll go in there we can see the next section is just starting to jut out of the ear canal a little bit here so I’m just aiming for a side to get a good grip a good suction grip there and we’ll pull that section as well maybe I’ll see what’s going on behind that now a little bit you can see the skin coming away from the outer part the ear are they now this next section looks more ear wax coloured so I think what we had was the outer section of the ear canal the skin on the outer section that kind of collapsed into the ear canal which had form this closing off at the entrance trapping this ear wax behind it so we’re just trying to get a hold of that a good grip on there that’s broken that bottom section away this I’m just gonna go back in now sieving a grip on this out the section here really hold onto it and pull and there we go you can see it brought a big chunk of ear wax out there you can see the next section ours come forward slightly it’s quite a wide piece this one so I’m trying to see if we can reposition it to take this away there’s not a lot of wiggle room in here and the bottom portion our ear wax is quite solid so jobs no one’s gonna come into play we’ve got a bit of a gap at the top it’s a safe distance into the ear canal to be able to use the jobs and horn effectively so it’s gonna go above this front section downward pressure you can see this pull them have slowed this down so you can actually see the way the jobson Horne here so I’m aiming now at the bottom remember I said there was a harder section at the bottom of the ear wax trying to push down to that harder section so we can manoeuvre this out there we go there we go you can see it’s still coming over to the university there so that’s broken the front end off you can see we got this hard piece much further in so we’re gonna use the suction tube to suction tube now to get this last section because it’s sitting just in front of the ear drum you can see the skid lot pulling to the right-hand side so I’m trying to hold onto the skin and the ear wax and the combination of both those things that into the end of the suction tube is going to form a really good grip there we are just start to come away nicely now that’s taken part of it away there’s more in there though it’s too thin lifting now from the bottom trying to get a good solid grip here we are you can see us taking the other section away there now it’s kind of good-looking here so we’ve got that loose for the skin remember I showed you that we got pulled into the suction tube earlier so we’re just gonna take those couple of pieces away the reason have a new suction to take that away skin sometimes holds on really tightly and it can vibrate and causes reduced loud whistling sound so we art so that’s the ear wax removed you can see what we were moved here so quite some quite large pieces in there we’re up to seven centimetres all together laid laid end to end that’s just over two whilst actually about two and three-quarter inches here we go so um this next patient came through basically they’re having problems with their NHS hearing aid not really noticing hearing issues as such but more a kind of an issue with the NHS aid and it’s not performing particularly well took a look in there we could see that it was quite blocked up in here so we’re using the Jobson horn now because it looks quite thick and sticky which means this heavy ear wax is normally will normally block the ear canal up I blocked this suction tube up I’m sorry as you’re suctioning into it because it can’t clear it very well so I’m using this this Jobson horn to get in there you can see we’re taking a groove at the front section now so I’m just passing just over the top of it pushing down into this ear wax you can see it’s got this this thick not crumbly as such but it’s thick fudgy texture so I’m trying to get the Jobson horn really well dug into that to pull this way just take another section here from the front okay so we’re just going to go over the top of this gentleman’s never had his ears clean up before so this is the first time he’s ever coming in for an ear cleaning when you wear hearing aids you do tend to find that you get a lot more ear wax building up so we’ve got a grip on the front section out pulling that out so there we go so you can see it’s pulled it it’s unraveled it and pulled it forwards now we’re going to train get behind that section now to bring this next piece out here we are we’ve got a good grip on it and it’s still going still going still going there we are there’s the end you can see just how long that piece of ear wax was that’s an inch long so you imagine area ear canals but to now said to be just one inch so it was going front to back right the way down to the eardrum and that’s without the pieces we broke off the front as well we take a look in there now we can see a little bit little straggling bits of dry skin is the eardrum looking a little bit dull look at the size of that piece of ear wax that’s two and a half centimetres that’s without the pieces we took away at the front which works at an inch long piece of ear wax I’ve really slow did to her was that you guys what a really good look at this so the pieces to the right with a bits we broke away at the beginning part of the video so they were the softer pieces and then you can see we have a perfect inch long piece that came away by so running front to back of that ear ear canal patient was very shocked have that removed very very shocked if you don’t mind liking and sharing the video guys I’ll be much appreciated and have a good day thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more our videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care


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    Also, that had to feel amazing to have that wax out!!!

  2. It's a shame we did not see the second person's reaction when they saw that amount of ear wax coming out of their ear.

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  4. Love it as usual.

    Have you ever thought of doing a "Storytime with Rhys" so those of us who swoon at your voice could get more of a fix? I would not want to replace Mrs. B, but I could listen to you talk all day long. I can't afford most channel subscriptions, but this is one I would be willing to pay for.

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    I wonder, after having that tree trunk removed, if the patient experienced any disorientation?

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  23. P.S. One of my favorite removals is #67 it's 11 cm of a long ribbon of skin, now that's CRAZY COOL. It's one I watch and rewatch. I'd like you to repost this awesome removal it makes my ears itch ( not really) Love From Michigan and it's cold outside and we have a lot of snow πŸ˜²πŸ’–

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  26. Are these young, middle aged or older patients? Isn't it warmer climates that increase the development of this much wax? The videos are great and so are your narrations but i can see what you're doing. I'd like to hear about why and to whom this occurs. Is this all you do or are there other procedures?

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    Want to see what makes up such a large amount of ear wax? Hair, cotton balls, dry skin, etc..

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