E. Dwayne Lett, MD, FACS: Board Certified Plastic Surgery at The Lett Center of The Surgical Clinic

I’m Dr. Dwayne Lett, I’m a plastic surgeon with The Surgical Clinic. I’m from east Tennessee,
I was born and raised right outside of Knoxville. I went to college at Davidson College, came
back to Tennessee and met my wife in medical school – she’s a pediatrician – and I am a
general surgeon and a plastic surgeon. So we did our first residencies at the University
of South Carolina and then came back to Tennessee where I completed my plastic surgery residency.
As far as plastic surgery, I have the opportunity to restore form and function when a person
has been given a diagnosis and treatment that leave them powerless and they feel like they
have very little ability to look and act the way they desire to do that so plastic surgery/reconstructive
surgery let’s me do some of that. And then as people are being healthier, they can live
longer, aesthetic surgery let’s us kind of improve maybe the quality of life that they
have. We provide a variety of options for treatment, both surgical and non-surgical.
Surgical treatments include in-office procedures for reconstructive for cancer. We also will
do aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast lift,
face lift, facial rejuvenation, upper and lower eyelid surgery. We also do liposuction
and body contouring. And then we have an aesthetician that is full time and she performs hair removal,
skin toning and tightening, taking care of small varicosities, just a breadth of things
we try to offer our patients. One of our more popular areas of treatment is the mommy make-over.
That includes breast rejuvenation and abdominoplasty and diastasis repair so for tightening of
the tummy. We associate that sometimes with liposuction, sometimes not, depending on the
patient’s desires. Also it’s becoming increasingly popular for men to seek plastic surgery, particularly
facial rejuvenation, even face lifts and then breast contouring and abdomen contouring in
the male.

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