Dying for Treatment: VICE Reports (Part 1/2)

how did you know that rehab was right for you because I was strung out on heroin I think that rehab has become accepted as the best and the most wonderful thing you can do for somebody go to rehab especially expensive rehabs because that should be the best because it’s so expensive and of course it isn’t it isn’t so our poor people just straight-up know what you might be better off I think rich people are straight-up are you gonna do this mentally when you’re out in the real world you know how hard it is to find a psychiatrist that’s just not gonna pass out psych meds like their Pez candy it’s all it’s it’s almost next to impossible to find that it’s like going to a barber shop and saying you know I want to find a guy who had a barber shop who doesn’t cut hair we are falling behind if you look at any other field of medicine they’re far advanced then addiction rates she said me the brain was not and day any danger he was safe you know that the nurse is monitoring the levels and she dies the next day in the beginning there was alcohol and then there were alcoholics from then on we’ve been trying to cure addiction with all kinds of crazy methods from solitary confinement and electroshock therapy to sterilization and lobotomy it wasn’t until the 30s that we found something that’s sort of kind of worked and that was Alcoholics Anonymous created by a former atheist and drunk named Bill W in the 50s a couple of doctors adopted AA’s religious inspired twelve steps and mixed it with inpatient therapy and the first modern-day rehab program was born since then inpatient treatment has turned into a thirty-five billion dollar industry charging tens of thousands of dollars per person this treatment model has become seen as the gold standard thanks to its glamorization and popular culture by shows like intervention and Celebrity Rehab but is it really worth the money drug abuse is on the rise in the u.s. creating a dire need for effective treatment we took a trip to what is known as rehab riviera in malibu california the hotbed of the country’s most elite non-hospital rehab centers to find out what these places have to offer in order to justify the huge charges from now from thirty thousand to ninety thousand dollars a month for rehab they couldn’t very well just say we’re going to give you the same thing you can get for free in a church basement and they were in competition with each other so they became like spas as they are today they just added things that they could say was part of their program without any evidence whatsoever than any of these things did anything this is dr. Lance M DotA’s he’s an expert and critic of the rehab industry who worked for years as the director of substance abuse treatment at Harvard University’s McLean hospital drop drop drop remember the Muppets used to do that the famous cases we hear about the celebrities who go in and out of these expensive Malibu places they go in eight nine times and we all blame them we say what’s the matter with these people they can’t stay with the program no one says maybe the treatment is lousy which it is of course it’s just won’t work with them we’re here at cliffside Malibu one of the nation’s top rehab centers apparently Lindsay Lohan went here we’re gonna talk to the founder Richard Tate about how the rich recover from their addictions so this is our fruit orchard really 70 trees all organic this is where we do a lot of our intimate groups right so it’s sweet right it’s adorable this was actually my room when I lived here hence the raffia walls I think wasn’t just bitchin right I think it’s just cool very nice guys very nice thank you this is a single single room okay the cost is 73 thousand dollars a month and this is what it is when you got over your addiction and went to recovery were you in a facility similar to this no no I wasn’t but but understand that that’s why it took me three years to get sober okay right what we’re doing here is we’re trying to save somebody three years so if someone someone comes to cliffside you can say you’re gonna get help recover faster is that something you guys can guarantee your way faster that we do have a guarantee what’s that’s great yeah I get a lot of flack for it too because people go you can’t guarantee sobriety the right I can’t a cliffside Malibu our treatment program is so successful we guarantee it how does it how does it differ from the 12-step 12-step isn’t treatment okay 12-step is a support group 12-step basically asks what was my part in this right and therapy is uncovering what the guys okay so would you say that what a lot of people are paying for when they put their money down to stay at this place is the holistic aspect it’s it’s not necessarily the medical aspect but more of like the pools and the you know the bocce ball and now know it’s everything okay it’s what you get what you get but listen seventy-three thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money but if you go to the Four Seasons for 30 days okay that’s gonna be 40 grand right okay what did you get was there any life-changing thing going on there everything that we’ve done here is mine it only seems like horse to people that don’t know better but you don’t have to know better bro because your life didn’t depend on it you didn’t go through it but if your life did goat but if your life did depend on it you’d say to yourself ok this is the only place I would go because this guy actually gives a where your where your patients at today I don’t know where are they where’d they go no you’re not Rob’s not here I have no idea I have no idea ok very no idea do they they probably went to whatever they did there’s a therapeutic meaning behind it so you guys have comfort you know going for you I’m connection we wanted to see one of these therapeutic sessions in action so we visited stand in balance they treat individuals from inpatient centers like cliffside Malibu with what is known as equine therapy which one private hour-long session cost two hundred and sixty-five dollars trying to get your hat off this is Megan she’s a recovering addict who’s fighting hard to stay sober Oh kind of reminds me of my mom a lot also I feel that my mom is one of a kind okay it’s alright if we call that mom okay she’s only 23 years old and this is her third time in a rehab program why do you think the treatment that you’re getting is going to be the key to your recovery like what about it gives you the hope that you can break your addiction well because this place is not you know 12-step based and I feel that I can find the power within myself and I know it is my third time and people might think well the pictures third time there then why are you clean oh you feel the difference yeah but the way you look at it is it’s my third time because of choices that I’ve made and that was my mistake and so I think by staying out here you know and having the support is what I need to do I’m just gonna stick with it this time and not go running back home I’m just a little bit upset for all the people out there that might have problems with a set for the upper-middle class and middle-class people who may be bankrupt themselves trying to save a loved one and spend a ton of money on these fancy places out here only to have them relapse again because there are no other options I’m sad for the poor people who can’t get access to this and have to just do 12-step or die I appreciate what these people are doing because they’re trying to help but it seems like if you acquire an addiction in America today most likely you are because if you are addicted something like meth your likelihood of surviving playing with horses and bocce ball and shit’s crazy we’re about to keep keep looking into this but I I don’t know I don’t know what to think I’m upset you

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  1. Smoke weed instead of all the other expensive bullshit drugs. I will never understand why people try hard corse drugs knowing the terrible consequence…

  2. Wow. That Cliffside owner, or whoever he was sure seemed to get "irritated" a lot…. The poor kitchen worker drops a knife, and he freaks out on them, and funny enough, right as he's trying to think of a way to explain something or think of something to tell the VICE host. Getting over and through an addiction is about MUCH more than the drugs, it's about the person's attitude, and that goes for EVERYTHING.

    EDIT Wow, that guy seems like a fucking joke. He gets to the point of almost yelling at the VICE host when he's attempting to defend his position. Which is something that drug addicts COMMONLY do. They very often will get furious when caught up in either lies or whenever they stumble having to explain themselves. Oh yeah, and "Where are your patients at now?" …."Hmmm, I don't know." Oh yes, immediate after he just got done saying that his place was the only place people in that position would go because he actually gives a shit… This guy is a loser!

  3. the boss of this SPA is a FUCKIN COCAINE ADDICT!!!!
    and he cures people , please american open your eyes !
    damn i hate rich people who spend money of the people with problem for THE COCAINE! it s a scandal!

  4. It is the age old thought process of praying on the weak in their time of need. Churches have been doing it for decades and it will never stop because of the money involved. These places are all about money and could give a fuck if you get better. I would guess that they want you to stay on drugs so the can keep making money off the American addict!

  5. My tip for methylphenidate and amphetamine addiction is too drink lots of coffee along with 100mg ephedrine, works like a charm, also works for the comedown

  6. You can't use illegal drugs as a treatment of illegal drug abuse.  That means nobody can step down from using drugs in a way that will allow the body to be weened off it.  Instead a substitute that does not address physical dependency must be used.
    Re-read that last paragraph again.  Ok, one more time.  Do you understand the problem with rehab now?  It can't possibly work.  These people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars so that they can be DISTRACTED from their physical dependency long enough to overcome it but that rarely works. 
    We have a program for heroin addiction to allow people to step down over time but it is too easy to abuse and the people running it are themselves abusing the system for profit.  We need to fix methadone (the drug used to treat heroin addiction) programs and cut down their costs and offer similar programs to people addicted to other drugs.  That is the only thing that will work.

  7. "If you acquire an addiction in America today, most likely you are fucked, because if you are addicted to something like meth your likelihood of surviving playing with fucking horses and bathci ball… This shit's crazzzzy!" Hilarious man!

  8. The owner of the clinic is obviously a drug user himself. The way he keeps scratching himself and his constant nervous moves are strong indicators of somebody in a descending phase.
    Anyway if you're stupid enough to spit 70KUS$ for a one-month pension on the sea-side, yes you were stupid enough to take drugs. Because there 's only one way to quit. It's just to stop taking it for ever and find something else to do. 

  9. The reason treatment centers have such low success rates is because people who go to treatment aren't ready to quit and they still think someone else can do it for them.  People who are truly ready and decide to quit don't need 'treatment' they do it on their own.

  10. he's comparing getting people help and staying at the four season, you don't get this at the four seasons" whata  scum bag

  11. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am addicted to opiates (IV).  I am in a facility called CAMH which is a world class facility for addiction and mental health.  Non 12 step and it costs $0.00.  A rehab place that charges thousands of dollars is no different than where I go.  It comes down to wanting to stop using and being given the tools to identify why you started using and how to stop and also how to cope with sobriety.

    Places that charge lots of money can and probably do work, depending on their methods and how trained the staff is but they shouldn't cost a dime, especially in this age we live in. 

  12. "Yeah….where sis the patients go?" LOL I SHIT MYSELF. (Clinking of silverware) "eh…eh…eh." ( it stops) ARE YOU SURE THIS IS A REHAB CENTER LOL

  13. That rehab owner is a fuckn douche bag. How does he say that shit and keep a straight face? He is exploiting people and their families who are desperate and believe his rehab is offering something that a 12 step program will not. And fucking boccie ball I do not think is what they are looking for. Asshole

  14. Ibogaine, given the has the proper physical requirements, will work wonders. Two problems: it is illegal and the medical companies do not make money from three, four time treatments. These overprised fantasy camps are for fools and desperate parents who treat problems with the same defence-money.

  15. Mindful? This is the same BS I have heard from these snail oil sailsman who prey on desperate parents. Capitalism never sleeps.

  16. I would rather take a low dose of dolphine (for over two years at 25mgs.) than smoke 20 cigs a day, eat like a pig and listen to all that self absorbed bilge weak after week and call myself clean while I take anti-deps, ritalin and eat Ho-Hos! What a lark!  After 30 years in and out of the rooms iT  SERVES TO REASON THAT THE ANONYMOUS SYNDICATE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A WAY TO HOODWINK OTHERS TO THINK  THAT THIS IS THE LIFE…..? AA/NA resembles more a club for loners and freaks using the misfortunes of others to feel all that much better than those souls in withdrawal and P.A.W.S. crisis

  17. Morning Side Recovery has staff affiliated with National Therapeutic Services. NTS did business with Gatehouse Academy and in turn NTS now owns their websight. They even employed the CEO of Gatehouse Academy. Kent Sherman and David Gates likely worked together back in 2012 at NTS. If you look into these companies their blatant affiliations start to bleed through. Might sound crazy but their is a complicated and confusing network between these companies out in this part of AZ and that part of California. The business transactions between these for profit companies may be falling over the line. The guy from Cliffside may look like a looser but it's the people involved with the second part of the film that have been linked with fraudulent practices and have multiple deaths partly on their hands. 

  18. I love how coked out the rehab guy charging 73,000$ a month for a room is. rubs nose 5 times in 30 seconds, scratches jaw the guy is a fucking tweaker lmao

  19. Doctors that introduce prescription pain killers without warnings to the patients should be made to liable to pay one's rehab costs and as long as these companies that make opiate medicines are making money, they can give a fuck less if a generation of young people are dying. The government should approve marijuana nationwide and watch these companies' bottom lines go down exponentially. I don't get why marijuana is illegal but oxycontin is. 

  20. Thanks Vice. Yet again an awesome documentary. You should pay your workers better for doing a great job.

    These treatments are bullshit. The guy charging 73K a month didn't even know where his group was or what the treatment was. Didn't even bother to prepare for a vice interview. He did know there was 73 organic trees in the garden and all the luxary shit he had.

  21. Thanks for that absurdly long shot of a horse peeing. That was really pretty gross and just totally unnecessary. They stayed with it WAY too long. I sat here thinking "oh god that's gross, just STOP it already!" and they just kept showing this horse pissing. Thanks Vice, next time maybe do some editing and keep what actually serves the documentary

  22. 5:10
    He's probably so high on Blow that he's looking at the interviewer saying "Is he Black or White or maybe Mexican?"
    There's no way this guy's sober…

  23. Treatment is 100% effective and very very simple.. – Google mindfullness meditation and learn it, you can do it at your home too.. else go to Vipassana centres, they are 100% free and its a 10 days programme.. you can get rid of all addictions there.

  24. Treatment is 100% effective and very very simple.. – Google mindfullness meditation and learn it, you can do it at your home too.. else go to Vipassana centres, they are 100% free and its a 10 days programme.. you can get rid of all addictions there. – Also its established in 75 countries..

  25. Wow that Cliffside guy is such a effing TOOL and LIAR!!! He also seems like a pyschopath for getting mad at those women in the kitchen for doing their jobs…what a nut!!! Oh, and also, dude, if your treatment had a 100% guarantee, then please explain Lindsay Lohan…she went there and we all know she's still doing that stuff. What a rip-off!

  26. That white dude seemed rude and i think his program is full of shit. How id living in a fancy place playing with horses gonna help fight someones addiction? Besides that he treated the cooks horribly.

  27. At the end of the day, it's all on you. The reason why one may relapse is because one wasn't ready to quit. Plain and simple. The same way it started is the same way it'll end. With you.

  28. 3:51 That guy is worse than a drug dealer.
    At least the drug dealer isn't selling his shit specifically to people who are trying to get off drugs, and at least the drug dealer isn't asking 70 grand for a fix. And at least most drug dealers make sure that what they are selling works. And at least most drug dealers aren't pretending to be off drugs while they are ultra obviously on cocaine.

  29. Fucking coke head should be so ashamed of himself like come on man Go to the Amazon and do some Iowaska don't give your money to this joke.

  30. I hope siege turns into a junkie after his words, or his son or daughter then he'll want to help them. Open yourself up to a science book u might understand how the brain naturally works and if there is a chemical imbalance or a future user who is fine decides to be an idiot and try an addictive drug it can create a chemical imbalance, analogous to diabetes and eating too much sugar , creates chemical imbalances. I used to be a junkie and I'm helping people turn they're life around, alot of them probably have better pasts and futures than u SIEGE.

  31. before you judge someone look in the mirror, do you have this persons genetic makeup (behavior/personality), their life experiences (mental/physical/emotional), also have you been put in the same situations they have? Sometimes when you blend someone who is sick in a spiritual form/depressed, with a pleasant experience…it is a toxic combination. I dont believe addiction is a physical disease but rather with certain people (not all) it is a serious mental or spiritual problem. There are a big percentage of people who will always be losers with drugs their whole lives, but remember some of people will be losers without drugs too. I hate hearing the disease vs non disease argument, imo the truth is somewhere in the middle.

  32. My life depended on it and I got clean at a shit hole free clinic where it was just like jail this guy is a fucking joke crooked thief. He is just as bad as the drug dealer making an addict feel like he needs to spend all thee money to be better and safer you don't get clean because of nice views and ponys and all this stupid material shit! If your detoxing and going thru withdraws of heroin you will do ANYTHING to stop the pain and agony not pet a fucking pony and sit by a beach eating some fancy food shit! Places like that are as bad or worse as the drugs that people to get put in there. Don't play on peoples needs and fake help them. People who think they need all that fancy shit to recover faster are retarted and should stop being brain washed by materialistic views. Stupid fucks!

  33. "This is the only place i would go because this guy gives a fuck"
    "where are your patients at today?"
    "Idk, where are they, where'd they go.. idk i have no idea"

  34. when I had to go to rehab back in highschool, the wait time for a bed was TWO MONTHS. That is an unbelievably long time to wait for someone addicted to heroin trying to get help.



  36. Lmao, Cliffside owner is a legit insurance fraud that probably gets clients drugs while fulfilling court ordered rehab orders. Don't trust the Jew nose hahaha

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