Duke Regional Hospital

[MUSIC] Duke Regional Hospital offers
really the best of both worlds. It offers a tremendous community
hospital setting with a real warm, caring, family feel to it, but backed by
a world-class academic health system. We’re really proud to
be part of Duke Health. Health.
[MUSIC]>>We have amazing talent here. One of the things I noticed when I first
came here was that we have nurses and doctors that have been here 30 and
40 years. We have an incredible team of dedicated
professionals who are here and really proud of the fact that they’re taking
care of their friends, and the neighbors. They are incredibly bright, energetic and committed to providing the very
best care for our patients. As a community hospital, we also
offer a great amount of convenience. We have free parking,
we’re not a huge facility. So we make it easy and we’ve got a great team who will
walk you anywhere you need to go.>>We’ll be looking for you, thank you.>>Excellence, safety,
diversity, teamwork, integrity, we live by those values every single day,
and we’re proud of that. [MUSIC]

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