‘Drunk’ Wendy Williams Reportedly Rushed To Hospital After Relapse

Wendy Williams has reportedly been taken to
the hospital after she was allegedly found drunk. According to the Daily Mail, Williams — who
had been staying in a sober living facility in Long Island City, Queens as she battled
substance abuse issues — checked herself out of the home in the afternoon of Monday,
March 25th, 2019 and reportedly began drinking. A source told the paper, “‘She was in a bad way and disappeared from
the studio after her show Monday. She went back to the sober house only to check
herself out and decided to start drinking.” Once her studio was alerted that she checked
out of the sober home, they began a search. Fortunately, Williams was located and then
hospitalized. The source explained, “She was eventually found and was drunk, she
was immediately taken to the hospital.” There, she is said to have received a “banana
bag,” or a yellow IV of “vitamins and minerals” that’s supposed to help sober people up. And somehow, despite her alleged troubles
the day before, Williams was able to put on a show on Tuesday, March 26th, dishing out
the gossip in her “Hot Topics” segment per usual. “Listen, she does not have a good reputation
dealing with people, but she was nice to me, when I worked at the View.” Williams has reportedly since returned to
the sober living facility in Queens. Williams’ hospitalization comes on the heels
of reports that her husband, Kevin Hunter, welcomed a child with his alleged mistress
in Philadelphia either on the night of Sunday, March 24th or in the early morning of Monday,
March 25, according to Page Six. However, neither the paternity of the baby
nor Hunter’s alleged affair, which has allegedly been going on for ten years, has been confirmed
as of the morning of Wednesday, March 27th. Williams, who has been with Hunter for over
20 years and shares an 18-year-old son with him, previously defended their marriage on
The Wendy Williams Show in early March. “He’s my best friend, he’s my lover. He’s all this and he’s all that.” According to Us Weekly, she went on to say
that she’s still in love with her husband, adding, “And don’t ask me about [my marriage] until
you see [my wedding ring] gone — it ain’t going anywhere, not in this lifetime.” On March 25th, Page Six reported that Williams
was spotted without her wedding ring while leaving her sober home. When she appeared on her talk show that day,
she had a ring on her finger, but Page Six claimed that it was not her wedding ring,
as the diamond was allegedly a different cut. Prior to Williams’ alleged hospitalization
and her husband’s reported newborn child, Williams was focusing on her health. She’d taken a hiatus from her show to address
complications from her hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. When she returned on March 4, she claimed
she was doing “swell.” However, during an episode of her show on
March 19th, she revealed to her audience that she’d been battling addiction. “For some time now, and even today and beyond,
I have been living in a sober house.” Mentioning her past addiction to cocaine,
she shared that she attends daily meetings to help her battle her substance abuse issues
before her “24-hour” sober coach takes her to her sober home. Though Williams only returned to her show
on March 4th, she’s set to take another previously scheduled break from TV during the week of
April 1st. We hope that, during this reportedly difficult
time in her life, Williams continues to focus on her health and her sobriety. If you or someone you know is struggling with
addiction, please call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s 24/7 National
Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP. That’s 1-800-662-4357.

100 thoughts on “‘Drunk’ Wendy Williams Reportedly Rushed To Hospital After Relapse

  1. We hope that Wendy Williams is able to stay focused on her health and sobriety during this reportedly difficult time in her life.

  2. All i'm saying is she deserves it. If it was anybody she would trash & tear them down now it's her turn & she can't cope

  3. Wendy, please leave that man! You do not need this! You have got to be better than this and WALK AWAY GIRL!!

  4. He's no longer ur best friend. Best friends don't have a whole other secret life behind ur back. Karma is a wonderful thing! Isn't it, Wendy?

  5. I don't blame her but she a strong lady .we all been through hell and back again one way or another.stay strong woman

  6. She’s got big boobs and an addiction…..why are people interested in what she has to say? Hookers on your local stroll have that and nobody wants to listens to them.

  7. Those celebrities who said something bad about beyonce are either SICK, UNLUCKY, NO CAREER, OR DEAD 😃😃😃😃😃👏👏👏
    I warned you Wendy
    Beyonce voodoo is strong

  8. Wendy not only sits there and reports on other people's lives, she JUDGES them too. Alot of times unfairly. She deserves everything that is happening to her right now. I think it's hilarious how things have come back around to bite her in the ass! lol

  9. When you criticize people for a living make sure your own life is in order, Wendy and her dysfunctional family are a hot mess, easy to blame the husband, Wendy is a condescending nasty drama queen, why should anyone feel sorry for her, she needs to deal with life and sort herself out like any other responsible adult, champagne problems.


  11. Sooo I was just watching the Wendy show and Tasha Smith was on there, WOW! GOD TALKED TO WENDY THRU TASHA, WENDY staying in that Toxic Relationship isn't healthy for you nor to your sobriety, PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS, as for fella, you need to take his TRIFLING A.. back to BROWNSVILLE IN BKLYN where you got him from, HE'S TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL and he's not going to be happy until he totally destroy you and take it all for him, baby mama and baby! WENDY DIG DOWN AND PULL UR INNER STRENGTH OUT!!!

  12. I'd rather be happy by myself than to be with someone who makes me misrable ! I notice people who are married for a long time don't want to start over with someone else. Some people think of divorce as a failure . Relationships last as long as they're suppose to. Life is not a fairy tale. There is no such thing as happily ever after !

  13. So sad that now she's the hot top. Whether she deserves it or not doesn't matter because a lot of people her hot top be about don't deserve it either. Maybe am not As sympathetic with someone whose made their living off of other people's business. But all the best to her getting better. Prayers to her!

    Good god WOMAN GET OUT ✌

  15. don't we like how karma work 🙂 she always has something to say and point about others , and now all are saying and pointing at her

  16. Oh.. Wendy…I only pray for you….Please listen to "neither one of Us" by Gladys Knight….That song is all about you….I feel your pain…and I pray that you get better..in all ways…..with love..just a fan

  17. she does all these stupid things thinking her husband gonna run too her only thing she's doing is making herself l👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀king stupid!

  18. She looks so bad on the street.She can't even put her wigs on right and they look so bad.She s gone down the rabbit hole.

  19. Nice picture. Deeeeeeeeeeruuuuunk. The world has far better and important stories that we should concern ourselves. This ho should just fade away.

  20. This is what happens when you lead a pretentious life making people think your crap don't stink. Rooster coming home to roose. She reek fake inwardly, but she can dish that dirt…her turn. God please, not judging.

  21. The old adage "Payback is a BITCH" I think is biting Wendy in the ass. She always was judgemental of other people…down right mean. But, now is in denial about her stuff!! Time to come clean, Wendy!!!

  22. That's sad to know. She always seems to be well put together. My son and daughter are fond of her
    I wish her well.

  23. This is the time where Wendy needs to take her own advice that she gives others and get the toxicity out of her life.

  24. Wendy need to tell all, not on her show though. One on One . Kelvin need to leave Niki and support Wendy this is a very difficult time for her. Love u Wendy still your 1 fan.

  25. It's like she won't let go she's gonna teach Sharina a lesson.What lesson you gone teach her Wendy none.Her lesson comes when she gets kelvins cheating azz kicking her down steps.like he do you.So let go of that pimp.An get you some friends an live your best sober life.Attend church,travel.An get out from his contract.Seperate give him half .What good is it to gain kelvin an lose your life an soul.Sharina already has him,let it go!be free.#free Wendy!

  26. Wendy were r u??? I need to hear something from u I need to know how r u holding up girl I am tired of some ppl trying to bash me for supporting u n being your corner I have given u plenty of my options on how to handle this is bcz I have been there myself the only difference is u r n the public eye u will survive this u r strong💪💪💪 n think about your own baby boy who is now a growing he's going to need his Mom do u hear me Wendy Williams he's going to need u so STOP the drinking n at some point u r going to have to face this mess what ever u do I'm right by your side Love U Wendy remember u r💪💪💪💪💪💪 I'm going to continue to pray for you and your baby boy🙏🙏🙏🙏

  27. The mask had to drop sometime…hope she gets rid of all that poison in her system, the booze, the hating, the gossip…get healthy. I'm sure that woman has been so unhappy, hating herself…hope she gets better, cleans up her life…I don't know her, but good luck.

  28. Trying to remain sober is hard enough… And everyone has slip-ups. I can only imagine trying to get sober in the Limelight of the entire world watching me let alone possibly my husband having a baby with someone else let alone everyone gossiping about it. We will need to start understanding that addiction is a serious disease and there are people dying from it every single day and Live and Let Live. Just because she is a gossip columnist does that not mean that she does not deserve piece at a horrible time in her life. If something were to happen to her everyone would brrip Wendy everywhere… But no one would realize that possibly it was the fact that they could not respect or understand anything about addiction. I'm surprised that Lindsay Lohan made it through what she did but I could sit here and meme countless celebrity is that did not make it through situations like this because every single time they trip not only do they have to deal with her own guilt but they have to know that the world is hearing about it and read about it and feel that guilt as well.

  29. She has EVERYTHING in the world yet she's so miserable she can't stay sober. She has lots of money, her own successful talk show, millions of people who adore her, but it can't make her happy. Like I have a knee that dislocates very painfully anytime I walk if I don't wear a metal brace I need surgery to fix it but can't afford health insurance so I've been wearing a brace all day and all night for the past four years. I would give ANYTHING to just be able to be normal again but she just takes everything she has for granted. It makes me sick.

  30. Wendy needs a lot of help, she needs to go to a boot camp for her issues, she needs a break from her TV show 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. Drinking game: take a shot every time you hear any form of the word 'allegedly'
    Edit: Hey! maybe that's what Wendy was doing

  32. She looks more and more like an addict. But honestly if so smears dirt all over other people for a living, I have no sympathy at all.

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