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Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addictions Narcological Medical and Rehabilitation.
Nika-Israel center The International Rehabilitation Center called ‘Nika-Israel’ Treats patients, with all sorts of addictions. These patients come to us from all over the world. For this purpose, we created a boarding house under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Israel, This private boarding house, serves as a cozy home for our patients. It has a variety of wide lawns, and is equipped with all necessary rooms For leisure. Swimming pools, Gyms and Yoga classes will help our patients in a few ways. Not only they help with the recovering process from their psychological states, but also will help them maintain their physical shape. For those who are staying in our boarding house, we provide meals cooked by our chef. We prepare fresh, tasty, nutritious and healthy meals every single day. Those meals make the healing process work much faster and more efficiently. The effective treatment in the medical-rehabilitation center, ‘Nika-Israel’ Is provided by our staff members, a team of highly qualified Israeli specialists. Dr. Borchov. Psychiatrist, Narcology Expert. Our main goal is- To provide our patients with healthcare and giving them the tools to live their lives to the fullest Here we conduct a full course of detoxification From psychoactive substances. We do our best in order to give the most fitting treatment to each individual. Those include both medications and psychotherapy. Selecting a special program for each patient, Is important because not everyone is the same, And that’s what will help the most to avoid future uses of drugs. That’s part of our way to provide tools to gain happiness and to live the life to the fullest. Inna Telepinskaya. Psychologist, Gestalt therapist. Not all people have relationships with others in their lives in which They can be both strong and weak at different times. They can’t always show how they truly feel. Simply open up, to be themselves, to be both needy and caring, or fearful and fearless. Or just simply live without a mask for a while, taking a break from those who force them on us. Such special and important relationships are being formed between the patients and the psychotherapists. We have assembled a team that consists of doctors-narcologists, Psychiatrists, psychologists who specialize in different stages of the rehab process, And consultants. Ruslan Gashimov. Consultant.In my opinion, the work the doctors and the psychologists doIs very important for the comprehensive rehabilitation In addition, the consultants have an important role as well. The consults can understand the patient the best, Since they have been through the same thing. We, as consultants, are a clear example for patients That this program actually works. People are recovering, And go back to their normal lives. Vitaly Kanyuchka . Consultant-Psychologist. The around-the-clock work of our specialists is a very important factor For our patients, because it ensures their full Emotional security, as well as their psychological one. The patient can ask for help at any given moment, Even in the middle of the night. So it will be possible to stabilize their state, And their problems right away. Patient I’ve been treated in different countries before I came here. And I have never received such close attention from the specialists, or from psychologists, and never received the proper support that I expected to get in those clinics. But currently, I’m in ‘Nika-Israel’ and I received so much Attention, patience, and care from the specialists. I realized that someone cares for me and that my addiction is not a cross on my life, and I can continue to live on. Patient Staying in this center gives me the opportunity To get to know myself and my abilities, to know what I’m capable of, To get to know myself and my abilities, to know what I’m capable of, To understand the problems in drug usage, to make my life better and progressing it in a good directions. Without drugs, without dependence. Live freely and return to a regular life. The staff of the clinic are people who have devoted their entire life to help Curing people who are suffering from painful addictions. Psychotherapist It’s no secret that sometimes we can open ourselves only to a random fellow stranger. such companion, on a long, long path of recovery, is a psychotherapist. In such relationships , On sessions of individual psychotherapy, We help patients to find themselves, look into themselves, deeps inside, and deal with very complicated emotions and feelings. Inna Goldman The sudden appearance of an addict in the family affects the life of all family members And influences their lives due to the addiction. Dear relatives and friends of an addicted person, We do not leave you behind. During the rehabilitation process, You will also receive full support from our psychologist and family professionals. Inna Goldman In the course of our work we will be able to notice and understand The desires and the mixed feelings of each family member. We will be able to find new ways of interacting with you. Group and individual discussions with family members are an important part of the healing process. Inna Telepinskaya. Psychologist, Gestalt therapist. To find your own type of support, to establish relations not only with yourself, But also with others, with the people you’re surrounded by. Return to the world as a healthy, Happy, complete and whole person. patient The employees of the center pay a lot of attention and provide a lot of care To my worries and problems that I left in Russia, so I could go through them. They give me the opportunity to retire, stay with my thoughts, I receive a new direction in life in order to overcome the problem I face And receive all the tools I need to return to a normal lifestyle. Patient. You can always spend time working out, in the pool, or playing checkers. There’s a really good gym in here. You can maintain your physical form, and distract yourself from intrusive thoughts About using drugs. We believe that the conditions we provide in our boarding house, the warm sunny climate of Israel, the Experience and, of course, the love of our specialists for their work and for the patients, is the way to succeed at fighting the addiction. If you decided to help yourself or a loved one, And Look for a clinic in Israel that treats drug addiction, alcoholism or any other type of addiction, Call us right now on this phone number and we will help you in any case. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We can provide answers to your questions, and restore the healthy relations in your home. After all, one conversation over the phone will be as helpful as hundreds of hours of research over the internet. We will offer you effective treatment at very affordable prices. ‘Nika-Israel’ is your choice for dependencies treatment. Narcological
Medical and rehabilitation Center ‘Nika-Israel’.

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