Drug Rehabilitation 2015 – Why is a live-in faith-based drug and alcohol rehab so successful?

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Getting sober is great, it’s a goal that we
all have but more than that we want to be changed. We want a change and transformation
of our characters and the sure way for that to happen is through spirituality, through
a relationship that is personal to me and my experience with my savior.
As soon as I came to DAP, God was introduced
into my life again. I’ve been going to worship every day in my recovery. We go to church
every Saturday and I’ve learned new things from the people that I live with. I’ve learned
how they do things, how they pray. Before we go to work, we all gather around and pray.
Before we go to sleep we pray. That was not my habit before. I’ve never thought about
that at all when I was out there on the streets doing drugs.
I walked away from God about 20 years now
and coming back to DAP I feel a peace and I’m casting my addiction cares on the Lord.
Because of how the drug rehab program is structured, it’s a spiritual based program and that’s
what I love about it. When I got here I didn’t know what to expect. What I do in my daily
routine in a week helps. On Tuesday we have group therapy which is very structured. I
get to participate and open up about my life, telling the counselors what I do. Even if
it’s wrong I have to lay it out there. On Wednesdays we do bible study which opens up
my mind to get back to the biblical sense of things.
A year ago I was on my downward drug spiral.
I didn’t know that I was going to go as far as I went. One day I ended up walking the
streets of Seattle after being kicked out of a crack house. I was on the streets of
Seattle and the shame and guilt I felt wouldn’t allow me to call for drug rehab help. I wasn’t
able to go anywhere. Finally through encouragement from my family I called DAP. I was glad that
DAP accepted me. Unless DAP is supported, the doors cannot stay open. }

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