Drug Rehab Programs for Young Adults – Gateway Rehab’s Youth Services Center

Welcome to Gateway Rehab’s Youth Services Treatment Center dedicated
to the treatment of adolescents diagnosed with addiction. This beautiful just completed facility is the results of almost 10 years of planning. Gateway Rehab, a nationally renowned leader in the treatment of
addiction, uses this facility to offer gender specific treatment for young people between the ages of 13 and 21. It’s a safe and tranquil setting just minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport. Through these doors, young people battling addiction and substance abuse will enter
to start their individual journeys on the road to recovery. I’m here in the family pavilion. This area of the building serves
as both the welcoming and separation point for arriving patients. It is here that they start the active process of recovery. Dr. Neil Capretto, Medical Director for Gateway Rehab, joins me here in the family pavilion.
He’s going to tell us a little bit about Gateway’s program for adolescents. As you know Marilyn, here at Gateway we have a
variety of programs involving individual evaluations of each adolescent to try to place them into the level of treatment they need, whether it be one
of our outpatient programs or our new inpatient adolescent program which we’re very proud of. As Medical Director, I have the experience of working with an excellent
treatment team involving top therapists, counselors, nurses, evaluators, other physicians with one goal in mind, and that’s to restore the
health of the child and the family together. We emphasize a mind, body, spirit approach to treatment. We’re trying to restore balance in the life
of the adolescent and the entire family. After registration, teens will cross into what is known as the Self Pavilion. This area includes living quarters, group rooms and other treatment
spaces. All designed specifically to create an area of self discovery as patients start the process of recovery. This is one of the comfortable patient rooms and with me in this room is
Nicole Kurash whose Clinical Director for the youth programs here at Gateway Rehab. Tell me what is a typical day like for patients here. Well Marilyn, everything we do in a typical
day here focus on teaching personal responsibility. When a patient comes into treatment, they’re responsible for making their
own bed. They’re able to do their own laundry and we also assign them chores. Each patient coming into treatment has their own individualized treatment plan. What we do is we focus individually with the patient on things they
need to work on such as anger management or identifying coping skills. Patients also attend group therapy sessions every single day. What we do in group therapy is we further help
the patient identify what they need to work on. One of the things we really focus on at Gateway Rehab is family involvement. We encourage the parents to attend family sessions along
with their child and to help make changes. One thing that we know is that the more the family is involved
with treatment, the more successful they will be when they return home. The Youth Services Center is placed in a beautiful,
natural setting as you can see behind me. The facility is located on a tranquil campus taking
advantage of peaceful tree covered hillsides. The primary patient spaces face the natural hillside for both
the quality of view and privacy it will bring while the staff spaces and other offices face the
more public area in front of the building. The work of rebuilding family relationships takes place in a
portion of the Youth Services Center’s Hope Pavilion. This area features a large vaulted ceiling and faces the
cafeteria, family treatment area and a room for meditation. Patients and their families entire and leave this pavilion through
separate paths organized around a stunningly beautiful central courtyard. With me once again is Dr. Neil Capretto, and this time he’s going to tell us
a little bit about the role families play in the treatment and recovery process. Families play a very important role in treatment, Marilyn. We recognize at Gateway that addiction really is a family disease. When one person is affected with addition particularly in adolescence, every
other member of the family is also affected. We know that if you’re watching this video your’e obviously concerned about
a potential problem with alcohol or drugs with your adolescent and that can be very scary, but I’m
here to say that there is hope. Being aware is the first step, but the fact that
you’re reaching out for help is very important. We have a trained staff here at Gateway to not only help your child but
to work with the entire family to restore your health and balance back. Gateway Rehab’s highly trained experts give young people the tools
they need to reclaim health and find recovery. If your child is struggling with a diagnosis of addiction or you know
someone else who is, help is just a phone call away. Call Gateway Rehab’s evaluation office at 1-800-472-1177 either for
an appointment or to get additional information. When you call, you will be asked for information concerning your
insurance, so be sure to have that information handy. Gateway Rehab’s experts can answer any questions you may have to
help your child get started on the path to recovery.

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