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At the Florida Center for Recovery, we understand. We care. We know the struggles you or your loved one may be facing right at this moment. Are you at the point that you know something has to change? Then you are ready. You are ready for a new beginning. Welcome to Florida Center for Recovery. Located on a 12-acre private facility in a safe and serene environment surrounded by nature on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Florida Center for Recovery is an addiction treatment facility, dedicated to the treatment of individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. Rely on us for the complete care and the treatment you expect and deserve. We offer expert compassionate care in a healing environment providing the most comfortable recovery to our patients and clients. “Before I reached out for help I was just going through a part of my life where I didn’t know where I was going to asleep, we’re I was going to eat, or to get money from, and it was very depressing for me. So, I reached out for help. ” For more than 10 years we have been helping people battling addiction and treating those with various addictive disorders including dual diagnosis disorders. Our team has been offering inpatient and residential drug detox, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care to treat addiction to substance abuse and destructive compulsive behaviors, such as gambling, and eating disorders. “Leading up to before my admission, I had reached a point where I could not control my drinking, my attitude, my life, anything…. and I had a friend suggest, that perhaps I’d reach out for some help.” From the moment you speak to one of our counselors, we make every effort to get an understanding of you, and the issues related to your addiction, then put together a comprehensive individualized plan for a fast recovery. The recovery plan incorporates counseling on behaviors and circumstances related to your personal lifestyle that could trigger relapses. “I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired, not knowing where I was going to sleep, not being able to hold down a job. So, I decided upon myself, not a family pushing me to get help. I decided all myself to get help.” Florida Center for Recovery is the only licensed private facility in the area with a campus-like environment that encompasses every aspect of treatment on one site. Here, in our rehab center, clients face their most inner feelings of fear, desperation and inadequacy or inability to deal with life’s events. And for the first time in their lives, find ways to stop the destructive effects of those feelings. Clients attend both private and group therapies run by our dedicated experience and caring staff of doctors, psychiatrists, therapist, addiction specialist, and mental health counselors who have years of hands-on experience in the field of addiction treatment. As part of their therapy, patients interact with others going through the same experiences they are, and realize that they are not alone. “Being an alcoholic, I came here, um.. with every intention of doing what I was told from my counselor, take what the nurse told me to take, and going where I was told to go, if that’s what it takes to… you know, get my recovery, I was gonna do it.” We take advantage of new tools such as Rapid Trauma Therapy system which is an effective and successful therapy tool for those that have gone through a life-changing event, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. “When I first was admitted it started with the medical detox protocol and in my case that lasted five days, and they made me as comfortable and, and, as settled as possible, we went through it, I started to attend classes, and group sessions, and small sessions with my primary therapist.” Our clients enjoy the simple comforts of life such as nutritious and delicious fresh meals prepared daily by our four star in house chef. Every meal is homemade and prepared daily in our kitchen using local ingredients that in many cases come directly from our own organic vegetable garden. Meals are served in one of our two dining halls. Our approach to treatment is treating the whole mind and body. A new tool we use for this purpose is the Serenity Bed, which helps patients clear their thoughts and focus on the now. We offer massage therapy and fitness classes, such as yoga and meditation. Our patients can take part in recreational activities like basketball, volleyball and ping-pong. Patients can read books in our library, or play board games with friends in our recreation hall. Or simply relax in our Zen-like outdoor garden, the Oasis. The lush tropical setting is a great place to contemplate the past, and think of the possibilities of the new future. But the centerpiece of our program is you, and the success of your recovery. Our clients can attest to our commitment to your treatment process and to you. “The most significant thing that ever happened to me was during my 28 days here is, I learned who I was, and it was OK to be an alcoholic, because now I knew who I was, and I can get to living. What I give thanks for? My wife, my kids, my house, my job, Just um, my meetings, my sponsor, my friends. You know, this is stuff I never had before, because in the past, I’ve stolen from family and friends and befriended a lot of people, and hurt a lot of people. I don’t have to do that no more.” The Florida Center for Recovery offers the safe, the serene and the healing environment that you need for your recovery. The recovery plan incorporates counseling on behaviour in circumstances related to your personal lifestyle that could trigger a relapse. It’s time to be free from addiction and to break away from destructive compulsive behaviors. Only you can take that first step. We are here to make your dream of sobriety come true. Give us a call now, and start your new life of sobriety.

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