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Hi Pip here, from help with alcohol addiction, We were asked last week by one of our subscribers,
what are the benefits of going into rehabilitation. So we have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons,
why someone should go into rehabilitation. Make sure you watch the video, right to the
end, to see the full benefits, of what can be achieved. detox programs, rehab options, funding options, symptoms of an alcoholic,
definition of an alcoholic,
signs of alcoholism,alcohol being A Disease Theory Not True,
and a whole host of other topics. 10 Reasons to go into alcohol rehab. 1. Give yourself time to relax: This is the perfect opportunity to really
put your head down, relax and calm down. Completely rid your body of the craving of alcohol, in
a really safe environment. You will have the chance breath and the time
to let it all out, and just calm down. You won’t have to think about anything at all,
but your recovery, from alcohol, you won’t have the stresses of life, stresses work,
anything. It’s just time for you to relax. 2. Give your Family, friends, and loved ones
time to breath: They will be really safe in the knowledge,
that you will be getting better and they no longer have to worry about you all day long. So your family can stop living with an alcoholic
Especially at this relay hard point of your recovery. Especially if you’ve just gone through
a detox. Unfortunately, they aren’t the people to be around, while you try to do this. If you’re away from them, it gives you chance
to get things back in order, if they’re away from you, It also works for them as well,
it works both ways, it gives them chance to everything back on track at home, everything
sorted out, all the affairs sorted, everything rounded off and back on track for when you
come out. This is the best time for both parties,
This is a great time to address your issues away from other influences, work related influences,
drink influences, social influences, social occasions you might be expected to go on,
things like this. You will be getting help by skilled professionals, Alcoholic Treatment away from drunken
influences and bad behaviors, that normally surround you every day 3. Your Judgment Becomes Clear: Your judgment improves vastly, as you regain
your cognitive thinking. You loose the signs of alcoholism on you face. Your motor skills improve vastly, you are
able to walk properly, you are able to asses things and complete tasks you couldn’t do
before, because you were shaking and you were a gibbering wreck. All your motor skills,
start improving vastly, all your thinking, everything starts coming back to you, and
improves vastly. 4. Have serious time to reflect on the past: Before moving on to your new life, before
you come out of rehab and before you get back part of society. You need to reflect on the
past go through it, and then leave it in the past, just get through it for once, cry it
all out, you will feel so much better afterwards. You only have to do this once, just that one
reflection time, Have it out the way. Before you know it, you will start feeling a lot
better. You will have serious time to reflect on the past, Before moving on to your new
life, and come back, part of society as a normal, sober, functioning human being again,
and leaving all them bad things in the past. 5. Gain your health and fitness back: This is a perfect opportunity to get your
diet right, get your body right get your health right, some these centers have gyms or access
to gyms, access to training programs, mobility courses, they have a whole host of options
that you could pick from. These things will give you confidence, they
will give confidence in your appearance, you look, you can build yourself back up again
and can go far over and above what people would people expect from you. You could look at the place as a health farm,
as many people did, the way I looked at the place, it was just like a health farm, you
just took every bit you could from it. You could get massages, acupuncture, art lessons,
well, maybe not the art lessons, (what ever floats your boat), the art lesson were not
for me, a lot of these places do similar treatments and have similar things going on, and best
of all you are getting treated at the same time. 6. Gain skills and coping mechanisms: When you’re in rehabilitation you will be
going through different scenarios and gaining skills off other people, as well as staff
in there to help you coupe with your alcohol addiction. To help you when you leave, and
when you feel like having a drink and the cravings kick in and are really, really high
point. How to help yourself in them situations. They will arm you with certain tools, if you
need the to help alleviate the cravings, but for some people, once its gone, its gone you,
really. You don’t need to have these skills, it’s just mind over matter. Really 7. Chance to look at your carrier job role: With reference to working with alcohol as
Chef or a Barmaid, Pub Land Lord, Events Manager, Wedding Planner, stuff like this, the list
goes on. (Or even if you believe this job making your drink). Your around alcohol all the time, your around
drink all the time, is it time for a change. If you can try and do something different,
not to have to go into this role, you know, take an office job or something, anything
that doesn’t involve being around alcohol all day. It helps that little bit More, I know once
you’re away from it, you can go back. But you have to be away from it for a long
time, it makes it so much easier, unless you really, really, are strong willed, but that
never really comes out until, you have conquered the addiction, your will has all gone! 8. Get yourself, respect back:
Start acting like an adult again. This is amazing for your self esteem, you do get your
self respect back, I’m not pretending, this does happen, you can take back what you want
that’s the best good thing. You don’t have to, run around apologizing
to everybody, you have already apologized many times, don’t have to do all this again.
Just take back what you want. If people want to accept you, and if they don’t, well, that’s
it, the balls in your court now. You can start liking yourself again, for the good things
you can be, and you can achieve. 9. Learn to respect others again: Learn to respect other again, take their problems
on board, there are a lot of people, in far worse situations than you are in, a hell of
a lot worse situations than you are in, around the world or where even in your home town. Gives you a lot more compassion for other
people, especially when you meet other people in these places, doesn’t half make you look,
a bit differently. Because you start to realize that alcoholics, don’t just come from one
walk of life, you get a whole array of people and that amazes you as well. From rich to
poor (prince to pauper), there’s no difference, alcohol is not selective, if you have money
or not. 10. You get your Life back:
You will get your life back, you will become part of society again, you will become trusted,
you will become respected, your life becomes amazing, (compared to what it was) you feel
more confident, you feel more powerful, more opportunity’s arise for you, life just becomes
a whole, whole, whole lot easier. This is coming from me personally, it really,
really does, life doesn’t half get a lot a lot easier. I thought i couldn’t see contentment without
alcohol, the thing is, when you’re drinking all the time and you’re in that cycle, you
can’t understand how you will ever get out, and you will ever be able to enjoy yourself
without drinking. This is all because you’re in the cycle and you can’t, it’s impossible
to think, beyond it. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the way it is, it’s impossible
when you’re in it, to think outside of it. Once you’re out of the cycle, for months,
it all stops, everything completely stops, it really does. Your body is no longer, addicted
to alcohol, its clean from your system, and you are no longer addicted to alcohol Now the big question is, Do you want to do
it!!!! There’s also something you should know about
rehabilitation, it’s not for everybody and You have to be ready for this. There’s also the option of doing your own,
home detox. This has been achieved by many people, doing it this way, as we speak, we
are putting together a program, for a home detox plan, (free on YouTube) This will be listing the type of products
you would need, where is the best place to do this as. What to expect, what results to
expect, what help you would need, and where you need to do it. If you’re going to take this seriously, and
actually go on the 7 day detox, all these items you will have to get hold of, before
you start the Detox. We will also you a checklist of items so you
can go through everything, and make sure you have everything that you need, no excuse. The easiest way to fail, is to say that, I
didn’t have this, I don’t have that, I don’t have the other. Member, the 5ps, when your doing detox and
doing things like these, Perfect, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance. REMEMBER the 5P’S
This is imperative, (Remember the 5P’S) that you do this, so you don’t have any excuse
to fail. This can be achieved, if you really want to
stop drinking, this can be achieved. We will be uploading lots more information
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  1. GOOD ADVICE BUT THE MUSIC WAS AN ABSOLUTE COCAPHONY really bad, what a shame.. please do another video without the music on.. or reduce the volume really low
    Many thanks for the descriptive nature of rehab

  2. As a recovering alcoholic I'm putting together a website which is basically my story and a set of links to good sources of info online. The aim is to help the still suffering alcoholic. Mind if I link this video ?

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