Drug Addiction Story – Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra

Hi, i am a recovering addict. It’s been eight years i started using drugs. It is the most painful and hard time of my life. I grew up in a small family. Everything was good back then. I was good in my studies too. And then bad time came in my life. I started changing, i was into fights and doing nonsense things. And i started bunking school too. i was more into negative attraction. I started hanging with bad circle of friends. I started wasting my money too much. I knew my family is financially weak Slowly i was getting weaker in my education. When i was in grade 8 i was 14 years old. It was the first time i smoked cigarette. I was smoking regularly. And then i smoked weed. Weed became my daily dose. Somehow I passed my grade 10 examination. I was staying in hostel at that time. Everything was going good, I passed the grade 10 examination. Now i was thinking i will study further and be a great person in future. Who knows future, now i am failed in grade 12 examination. Its been six years now, I am trying to pass grade 12 Six years of nothing, loss in education and everything. In those six years, i was so deep into drugs that my own mum and dad don’t even call me as their son. Society call me as a mentally ill person. I wasted heavy amount of money. I steal money from my house for drugs. I used to make fool to my relatives, neighbor and ask them money. I did everything like, stealing and cheating. Later everyone knew i was asking money for drugs. And everyone to whom i was asking money, they stopped giving me. And then i started stealing and sell things. Anything like mobile, golds i started stealing and sell them. Even i start robbing people. My mum sees me start to cry in her room, dad comes looks at me and goes away. I couldn’t hold my self and i cried too. I didn’t went to my loving grandfather’s funeral. I was so high all the time. My education is totally loss My future is blank I did everything bad for money. If i didn’t get it i would destroy everything of my home. Everyone says i am mad and mental person. Even i beat my parents when i was high on drug. I broke TV and threw away cooking gas. I threw my motorbike in river. I did all those in anger while i was high on drugs. And one day, I was out of drugs, I couldn’t get money from anywhere. I did the most worst thing anyone has done. I pointed knife to my father and asked money. If he hadn’t given me money, i might hit him with knife. Every time i remember that incident, i feel so disgusting what i have did. Now it have been two years that i am clean and drug free. I am getting better now. My family have been trusting me slowly. For my good and better future, my family is doing everything for me. Those people who loved me, my family, relatives are trusting me now. It will sure take more time and i wont loose hope. After all those bad things i have done, remembering them i promise myself i won’t do drugs again. I don’t know about future, but i will fight to be a good person. I will do my best and I will let everyone know that the addict they know is no more a drug addict now and he is a good person now.

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