Drive-thru flu shot clinic held in Great Falls

people in cascade County got flu shots Thursday morning without even leaving their vehicles cascade city County Health Department hosted a drive a drive-through flush shot clinic happy Montana Expo Park you can see people driving up in cars and trucks but those who came on four-wheelers bikes and even mopeds were also given a shot most insurance plans cover the cost of the immunization for this year CCHD accepted all forms of payments and if the cost was not covered by insurance the shot cost $30 health experts say Montana was hit hard by the flu last year we had almost a thousand hospitalizations in this state and almost 80 deaths and most of the people that did not get that were hospitalized or died did not get a flu shot so we really recommend getting it it protects you against four strains of the flu that they think are going to be the ones going around this year both do what our standard one and our higher dose one now Cascade City County Health Department will be hosting a community walk-in flu shot clinic from on Tuesday from noon until 4:30 you’re asked to bring $30 or your health insurance

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