Drew H. Reynolds, MD: General Surgeon at St. Thomas West Clinic of The Surgical Clinic

I’m Dr. Drew Reynolds and I’m a general surgeon with The Surgical Clinic. I’m originally from
Greenville, Tennessee which is in east Tennessee. I went to Carson Newman College and then to
medical school at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. I stayed there for my general
surgery residency and I did a fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery at the University of
Kentucky. I chose general surgery as a career because I enjoyed the variety of disease processes
that you take care of as a general surgeon. I like building relationship with a patient
and carrying them through a procedure and actually fixing the problem that they come
to me with. I also like the variety that’s involved with taking call – I do a good mix
of elective procedures which are planned and fun and well thought out and then I also have
a good mixture of emergent things to deal with which gives my career a good amount of
variety. Laparoscopic surgery has been sort of a big revolution over the last twenty years
and it initially started with us doing laparoscopic gall bladder surgery, laparoscopic appendectomy
and it’s sort of evolved to more complex things such as ventral hernia repair, colon resections
and anti reflux surgery. I have a special interest in hernia surgery, abdominal wall
reconstruction and anti reflux surgery and those are very well suited to a minimally
invasive approach. My wife is a psychiatrist, we met in medical school. We have three children,
Archer, Palmer and Alice. Archer’s five, Palmer’s three and Alice is two. One of the things
I like about my job is that I can fix problems fairly quickly with a procedure and the patient
recovers and they kind of move on. It’s not management of, you know long term managment
of chronic problems such as diabetes. And that one thing that’s so appealing about general
surgery as a career. Someone comes in with symptomic gall bladder disease, we take the
gall bladder out, they feel better. Take out their appendix, they feel better. It’s a very
rewarding experience.

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