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(upbeat music) – My name’s Dr. William Anthony Lizarraga, I’m an internal medicine doctor here at The Frist Clinic in Nashville, TN, and I specialize in internal medicine for, which is adult primary care
and inpatient medicine. Did my undergraduate training
at Vanderbilt University, medical school was at the
University of Tennessee in Memphis and then for residency I did my Internal Medicine Residency and Chief Resident year at Brown
University in Rhode Island. You know, when I’m seeing a new patient or a follow up patient I try to treat them as if they were one of my family members or the way I would want to be treated, which is practicing
evidence-based medicine, not ordering unnecessary testing. And I try to do it in a
collaborative approach, so if there’s something
that’s not clear cut, if it’s a gray zone in the medical decision making process,
we do that together. What’s some of the nice
things about our group, we have several sub-specialists, so we can refer to
people within our group. We still see our patients in the hospital, we still answer those calls at night. If you’re here on the weekends, it’s one of us seeing you, if it’s not me on call,
it’s one of my partners. And I think we’ve got
some of the best doctors in Nashville, and in Tennessee,
and in the U.S. as well. It’s true that anytime you’re interacting with the health care field and talking about issues that are
sensitive or painful, it takes a lot of trust,
so to the patients that have seen me and continue to see me, which is the majority, I thank them, and I look forward to
continuing to take care of them, and reach those health goals together. (upbeat music)

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  1. I recently had to go to the hospital for adbomen pain. When they scanned me they found that I had Lymphoma. Dr. Lizarraga treated me for 1 1/2 years while I complained of a constant cough, unexplained loss of 80 lbs., and night chills. He NEVER suggested that I get scanned. I asked him directly, "Do I have cancer?" He said, "No, b/c it didn't show in your bloodwork." He must not have known Lymphoma doesn't show in blood work. I'm leaving this review hoping that this doesn't happen to anyone else

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