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My name is Dr. Thakral and I was born and
raised in Washington DC. I’m the first physician in my family and so I’ve had a
great sense of understanding with patients need to have a little bit more
attention a little bit more understanding of what conditions they
have and how to treat them. What separates the Health Medical Center
from a lot of other physicians offices is the amount of time we spend with the
patient a lot of of our consultations involve educating patients on what exists and
what treatment options can really help them. As an osteopathic physician, coming
to Health Link was almost a no-brainer because it really falls into my
philosophy of the body can heal itself it just needs a boost, and this is where
regenerative medicine has really come in. The difference between platelet-rich plasma
and stem cells is really that the platelets are releasing growth factors
that most of the research now is showing can help with chronic tendon and ligament
injuries. The stem cells on the other hand, are the
cells in our body that can help differentiate into other cells. Stem
cells have the ability to heal and to repair more of the severe type of
conditions such as severe osteoarthritis or partial to complete tears, whether it’s in the shoulder at the
rotator cuff or the knee. The Regenexx® model looks at the body as a whole so we not only treat the
osteoarthritis but we treat the supporting structures lending to that
particular joint so for example, osteoarthritis typically
involves a narrowing of a joint. When you have narrowing of a joint, that usually
leads to laxity of the tendons and ligaments around that joint. So the Regenexx model actually helps
treat those supporting structures to not only facilitate the joint but also to
help supplement the stem cell injections that we used to treat the underlying
osteoarthritis. I had a really interesting patient where she had two chronic rotator
cuff tears and both of them were equally painful for
her and she ended up going through an
operation on one side and having a stem cell injection on the other side what was interesting, is approximately
six months after the stem cell injection she had complained of no pain and it was dramatically better than the
side that was operated on, and it was really thrilling to hear that a patient
can benefit from a stem cell injection and she was back to doing things that
were basic to everyday life, which is opening the cupboards or playing with her
grandchildren. And to see that we can help a patient get back their quality of
life without using scalpels, without using stitches, without having a major
operation it was the most rewarding experience I’ve gone through.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Vishal Thakral DO – Health Link Medical Center

  1. I've done extensive research on stem cell injections, and after 30 years of driving for ups, I met dr. thakral. I went into this very nervous and excited at the same time. after my first with Dr.Thakral, well he set my mind at ease, very informative and very patient with my questions. his office staff is amazing. I'm now on the stem cell injections stage. Just wanted to say thank you ( health link) for your generous support and comforting attitude. looking forward to a long and healthy life with my grandkids, knowing I'll be able to keep up with them. and many more years with my job at ups, which I love so much. thanks again Dr. Thakral and staff, oh yeah and mama bear😊

  2. I want to do this. Need help. After car accident a year ago they want me to have fusion in neck and lower back. Can this help each of those?

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