Dr. Todd Barrett | Family Medicine

My name is Todd Barrett I work as a
family medicine physician at North Memorial Health. Mental health is one of
the main issues in our society today as well as in my practice, it’s probably 25%
or more. I look at mental health no different than I look at pneumonia. If
it’s keeping you in bed we got to do something about it. The mental health
challenges are many because oftentimes they manifest themselves as physical
symptoms, people come in with chest pain or stomach upset but to manage it we
actually manage anxiety or depression and that can take therapy, medication or
oftentimes a combination of both. It takes a village. The care that we provide
somebody we are not just me and the patient. A lot of times navigating
medicine can be very confusing and you see one specialist and they give you
results and you don’t quite know what that means. Please bring it to me. Let’s
read it together. Let’s talk about what that actually
means in scientific terms, what it means to you, what it means to you in one year,
three years. The most important thing to me in that is that I see the light turn
on in a patient’s eyes where they say ahh, nobody has ever explained it to me that way before. That’s a rewarding
interaction from my standpoint that they feel confident in the care and why
they’re taking medicine every day which is something they never had to do

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