Dr. Timothy Bush: Podiatrist at St. Thomas West Clinic of The Surgical Clinic

Hi my name is Timothy bush and I’m a
foot and ankle surgeon here at The Surgical Clinic. I was born and raised in
a place called Rushville Indiana and grew up in southern Indiana. I did four
years at Franklin College which is in Indianapolis just south of it. I did my
med school up in Chicago and spent four years there and then did three years of
a foot and ankle residency in Tampa Florida at the James A. Hailey VA
hospital. So the reason I got into foot and ankle surgery is I was involved in
athletics growing up and actually had to see a foot and ankle surgeon on multiple
occasions. I really enjoyed podiatry foot and ankle surgery because it allows me
to see a variety of patients. I get to treat athletes I get to treat
deformities such as bunions and hammertoes and another portion of
podiatry that I really enjoy is wound care and limb salvage. That was
part of the reason I got involved with The Surgical Clinic in the first
place I worked very closely with Dr. Faulk, Dr. Dattilo, and Dr. Boll and
combined we try and improve blood flow to the foot and heal wounds which
ultimately allows people to keep their feet keep their leg and get going again
and that’s probably the most rewarding and one of the parts of my job that I
really enjoy. I’ve been married for seven years now to a gal named Alison that I
met up in Chicago when I was in med school we have two lovely kids a
daughter named Katherine who is two years and three months old and then a
newborn in our house Theodore William who is currently two
months old we also have two Goldendoodles, Sophie and Dexter, who keep us busy as well. My wife and I when we’re not chasing
kids and dogs around we really enjoy going to TPAC we’re big fan of musicals
and season ticket holders we also do half marathons together and then when I
get some time alone I enjoy going out to the golf course and playing a couple

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