Dr. Thomas Greenwald – Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine | Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, I’m Tom Greenwald. I’m a board certified
orthopedic surgeon. I work at McFarland Clinic. My father was a physician, and I really enjoyed
seeing his practice and growing up seeing him as a role model. So, I always thought
about going into medicine, and then during undergraduate school, I felt like that actually
was kind of what God was calling me to do with my life. And so, I went to medical school
and really enjoyed it. I decided on orthopedics. I love orthopedic surgery because it’s helping
people with musculoskeletal injuries, meaning when they get some type of injury, whether
they break a bone or they blow out a knee, it can be, obviously, a very hard time in
their life. So, it’s a nice way of trying to get their life back. I love orthopedic
surgery because you have a variety of patients. We work with anything from a newborn that
might have a congenitally dislocated hip or to an elderly person with a broken hip, and
then we do anything in between. We can do high-end athletes who might have a sports
injury that could potentially be career-ending, or it could be just the weekend warrior who
pulls a muscle or tears an achilles tendon, or blows out their ACL. I tell my patients
that when they come to me that we’re going to answer two questions: “What’s going on?”
meaning what’s the diagnosis, and “What do we do about it? What’s the treatment plan?”
So, no matter what their problem is, those are the two main questions that we try to
answer. I love my job, so my favorite part of my job is many. I love my patients. The
people in central Iowa are tough. They’re hardworking, and they’re all motivated to
get better. And they typically do what I say as far as their rehab, and so that’s helpful.
I have a great staff that I work with. The folks at McFarland Clinic are all hardworking,
kind people who really put the patient first.

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